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Name: Leena
Gender: Female
Class: Sage
Author: Slinn Thiefy




Class: Sage

Hair: Semi-Long (Straight) - 01,27
Mid Torso: Battle Dress - 26,27
Arms: Metal Gauntlets - 10,20
Shoulders: Noble's Shoulders - 03,20 | 10,20
Neck: Witch's Cape - 03,20
Lower Legs: Lady Pants - 01,15
Upper Legs: Dancer's Skirt - 26,27
Feet: Holy Boots - 10,20

Face: 02
Eyebrows: 01,01
Lips: 03,05
Eyes: 01,27
Skin: 05,17
Underwear: 01,18
Voice: Girl 1


Age: 16

The Shadow Knight stormed the Holy North Kingdom and obtained what he sought: the Sacred Orb.

It was a situation of panic and chaos. The people were shocked, commenting about the destruction of the world, if the orb fell in wrong hands. Even the most courageous soldiers didn't offer help.

Leena Guardius, the princess of the kingdom, felt it was a job that only she could do, so she asked her mother, the queen of the kingdom, to fight this evil and retrieve the orb.

Her mother became shocked, but accepted it and trained her daughter in the arts of sword and shield. Leena now went on her own to defeat the Shadow Knight.

In her way, she met Slinn, a young thief wanting revenge on the Shadow Knight. At first, she mistrusted him, as she thought all thieves were evil. But as she saw Slinn's heroic acts, she now harbor mysterious feelings towards him…