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Name: Lady Inari
Gender: Female
Class: Ninja
Author: Flame Winged Angel




Class: Ninja

Head: Fox Mask - 11,13
Hair: Medium Straight - 26,02
Lower Torso: Formal Shirt - 01,01
Mid Torso: Ashigaru Robe - 02,22
Arms: Ashigaru Gauntlets - 03,23
Neck: Prayer Necklace - 01,14 | 03,23
Waist: Spy Belt - 01,01
Lower Legs: Slit Pants - 01,01
Shins: Ashigaru Shin Guards - 03,23
Socks: Tabi - 01,01
Feet: Straw Sandals - 01,01

Face: 03
Eyebrows: 06,04
Lips: 03,18
Eyes: 17,24
Skin: 04,15
Underwear: 01,18
Voice: Girl 1


Lady Inari is the daughter of a Japanese nobleman who went mad after his mother was killed by one of his enemies. He insisted that she learn how to defend herself and gave her to the local Ninja Master. The Ninja Master thought she was a gift from the lord and tried to sleep with her, but she put up such a fight that he gave up and instead taught her how to use ninjitsu. Later, she would go on to join Serafina on her journey.