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Name: Freya
Gender: Female
Class: Knight
Author: SC3_Player




Class: Knight

Head: Pegasus Headband - 05,07
Hair: Medium Length - 05,03
Lower Torso: Formal Shirt - 01,04
Upper Torso: Dragon Plate - 16,03
Arms: Metal Gauntlets - 05,03
Shoulders: Amazon Shoulders - 16,03
Neck: Ragged Cape - 16,03
Waist: Guardian Belt - 17,03
Lower Legs: Chain Hose - 02,01
Upper Legs: Long Skirt - 16,03
Feet: Metal Boots - 16,03

Face: 07
Eyebrows: 06,04
Lips: 03,15
Eyes: 01,05
Skin: 04,15
Underwear: 01,18
Voice: Girl 1


In a war torn land of ages past, no man knew peace, and every man knew hatred. Aside from the constant battles and war throughout the land, there was another menace, a greater one: Dragons. They ravaged through the lands without mercy or remorse. Even the greatest of warriors had fallen at these godly beasts. The only thing that stood a chance against them was a small, yet powerful clan of knights who will go down in history as The Emerald Knights of Valor. These knights cleansed the lands of these dreadful creatures, but not all of them. There was one left, the mother of them all, Fangora. Fangora was seemingly unstoppable until one knight rose up and slain her with his last breath. His name was Algod. Though he is dead, his legacy still lives on through his great granddaughter, Freya. Freya is the last person known to have mastered the ways of The Emerald Knights of Valor. Freya now only has one living relative since her mother and father were both killed in battle. That would be her older brother, Arithel. Arithel looked down upon those who bothered to learn a dead art and abandoned Freya. Arithel had always loved one thing, and that was power. Arithel then discovered Soul Edge and now seeks to wield it's power. Freya, already with a deep hatred for her brother, knew the only purpose in life, to strike down her brother.