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Name: Erin
Gender: Female
Class: Sage
Author: firekid2




Class: Sage

Hair: Semi-Long (Straight) - 04,19
Mid Torso: Leather Shirt - 26,23 | 24,16
Arms: Fleeced Gloves - 26,23
Neck: Protect Cape - 01,27 | 01,14
Waist: Bronze Belt - 01,14
Upper Legs: Prayer Pants - 01,27 | 26,23
Feet: Leather Boots - 01,14

Face: 03
Eyebrows: 04,19
Lips: 02,15
Eyes: 16,24
Skin: 03,13
Underwear: 23,23
Voice: Girl 1


Full Name: Erin Tarka Voltre
Age: 17
Birthday: May 26
Laterality: Right
Likes: Being helpful, Justice
Dislikes: Fire, Evil
Favorite Food: Strawberries
Affinity: Good

As a young orphan, Erin was headstrong and had a strong sense of justice. When Erin was four, she was adopted by a battle-worn young woman named Sonata. Erin and Sonata were more like sisters than mother and daughter. Sonata taught Erin everything she knew, including how to fight. Erin took it upon herself to use her new found fighting prowess to help people in her community. She liked helping people out. All was well, until tragedy struck. Sonata died in a fire at their home. Erin had been all but helpless, as she watched her life reduced to ashes. Erin resumed being something of a hero to her community to keep her mind of her troubles. Her life slipped into routine. It is at this time of her life that she receives a mysterious request to find a certain sword…