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Name: Emlyn
Gender: Female
Class: Dancer
Author: iceangelmkx




Class: Dancer

Head: Brace Circlet - 20,07
Hair: Low Ponytail - 11,01 | 21,18
Lower Torso: Bandit's Brassiere - 01,19
Mid Torso: Dancer's Jacket - 21,17
Arms: Dancer's Bracelets - 01,19
Neck: Brooch Choker - 01,01 | 20,19
Upper Legs: Ethnic Skirt - 21,19
Feet: Taped Boots - 01,01

Face: 03
Eyebrows: 11,01
Lips: 03,21
Eyes: 21,19
Skin: 04,15
Underwear: 01,14
Voice: Girl 1


Name: Emlyn Channing
Nicknames: The Glowing Sapphire
Birthplace: Wales
Occupation: Dancer
Alignment: Good
Group: The Enchanted Sparrows Dance Troop
Orientation: Heterosexual
Laterality: Ambidextrous
Skin: Fair
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Birthday: December 2, 1558
Zodiac (Greek): Sagittarius
Zodiac (Chinese): Horse
Height: 5’ 5’’
Weight: 120 lbs
Eyes: Light Blue
Hair: Dark Brown
Distinguishing Marks: None

Overview: She can be quite shy when meeting new people, but will warm up to them after some time.
Phobias: Her only known phobia is losing those close to her, as she had with her father.
Favorite Colors: Blue. Also is fond of lavender.
Favorite Scents: Roses, burning wood.
Favorite Foods: Apples
Other Favorites: Dancing, horseback riding, and staying up late at night talking with Angel.
Strengths: Her speed helps her get around even the largest enemy.
Weaknesses: Her own emotions, which can leave her vulnerable.

Parents: Mother/Elizabeth | Father/Jacob (died from illness)
Pets: Her white horse, Diamond.

Friends: Angel, Fernando.
Enemies: Kayleigh.

At a very young age, Emlyn and her mother Elizabeth joined a traveling group called The Enchanted Sparrows Dance Troop after the sudden death of her beloved father. The troop was based in France and it took a bit of time for Emlyn to adjust to her new surroundings, having been born in Wales. Aside from that, it was a good way to move on forward for her and her mother.

There, Emlyn met an orphan named Angel, the two bonded and eventually were like sisters they never had. During their travels with the troop, they performed various numbers together and almost never left each others side.

When they were in their teens, Emlyn and Angel learned that some of the dancers in their troop began using their dancing techniques as self defense. The motivation came to them after one dancer was attacked by a stranger while staying at a lodge in Northern France. One member was an expert of this type of self defense and began teaching the dancers these moves. Emlyn and Angel joined up with the small group so that they were able to protect themselves from future attackers.

Emlyn knew she wasn't the best at it, especially when it came to training with Angel. However, she didn't want to give up. When another dancing member heard of this, he suggested that she traveled Europe to improve her skills. If she could fight other fighters that come her way, Emlyn's skills would be top notched. She wasn't too sure about traveling alone at first, but when she told her best friend about it, Angel was willing to drop everything just to travel along with her.

Within a few days, Emlyn and Angel managed to temporarily break away from their traveling dance troop. Riding on their white horses, the girls headed West to begin their adventure.