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Name: Draco
Gender: Male
Class: Knight
Author: Draco666




Class: Knight

Hair: Medium Hard - 08,27
Chin: Scar - 02,20
Lower Torso: Chain Mail - 01,27
Mid Torso: Dragon Tunic - 02,20
Upper Torso: Cursed Gear - 01,14
Arms: Unholy Gloves - 01,14
Shoulders: Viking Shoulders - 01,14
Neck: Crusader Cape - 02,20
Waist: Lord's Tasset - 01,14
Lower Legs: Chain Pants - 01,27
Upper Legs: Fire Dragon - 01,27
Feet: Evil Leg Armor - 01,14

Face: 02
Eyebrows: 08,27
Lips: 03,05
Eyes: 23,23
Skin: 05,17
Underwear: 01,27
Voice: Young Man 2


There was a kingdom within the Holy Roman Empire known as the Drachenburg Kingdom. As it's name suggested, it was symbolized by the Great Dragon. The kingdom was once rich and prosperous, but had been divided by a great war when it's future Empress, Catherine, married Gilford Daemon- an outsider, who was a direct descendant of the Hero King, Algol. After many years of being together, their marriage collapsed resulting in the kingdom being split into a civil war…

Shortly after the war had began, Catherine gave birth to Gilford's third child. His mother named him 'Draco' in honor of the kingdom's protector, the Great Dragon. Despite being raised in a time of war, Draco adapted well. By the age of five, he was already practicing swordplay- dreaming of liberating the kingdom one day. During this time, Draco never knew Gilford Daemon was his father; but this fact couldn't remain hidden from him forever.

Young Draco's true destiny would be revealed when the underground area, where his family was hiding, fell under attack by Daemon's army. In the panic Draco ended up face-to-face with his father, Gilford. The child tried to defend himself, but to no avail. He was mortally wounded in the incident- leaving his left cheek with a Y-shaped scar. As Draco lay barely conscious, Daemon revealed the truth to the child and told him that he must join him or die. Draco refused to join Daemon and as a result his life was ended by his own father.

After Draco's death, his family was devastated, but his grandfather, Creed hadn't given up hope. He took Draco's body to the Great Dragon. The Great Dragon had protected Drachenburg for centuries and while his powers had not weakened, his psychical body was about to fade away. Creed offered the dragon Draco's body as the vessel for his life force in return for Draco to live again. After a long unspoken conversation, the dragon agreed and Draco was given the dragon's heart and was revived and endowed with the Great Dragon's powers and abilities- he'd been reborn as a Ryugami.

With his last breath dragon said, "Go, young one, and make your own destiny."

After Draco had been revived, his family decided to hide him from Daemon, so Catherine and Creed sent him to the Kingdom of Grandall. Draco would not go alone, as he was accompanied by his elder brother, Drake. The two would enroll in the country's military school. Upon completing their training, they would return to liberate Drachenburg.

Before his departure, Creed gave Draco his pistol, 'Drako', and his Zweihander, 'Faust'. Draco would hold the two weapons dear from that point on; as they were constant reminders of his family and homeland. This would also be the last time Draco saw his grandfather aliveĀ.

Draco spent the rest of his childhood in Grandall, and was taken under the wing of General Girardot Argezas at Grandall's Military Training Academy. During his training, Draco would make a few close friends, who would later be of great aid to him. As Draco pushed further through his training, the war between the Kingdom of Dalkia and the Halteese Republic had spiraled out of control. Now it was time for Grandall to enter the fray.

Upon his graduation from the Grandall's Military Training Academy, Draco found himself fighting within this conflict between the three nations, which would later become known as the Mantis War. He was not fighting alone, however, for his elder brother, Drake, and his friends, whom he'd met at the Academy, stood by him and were assigned to his unit. As his reputation grew, other soldiers would gradually join him and his unit as well - it became apparent Draco would meet many friends and rivals during the war.

As the Mantis War progressed, the young cadet, Draco, arose to be the main figure in the war. He took on many missions not only in Grandall, Dalkia, and Halteese, but to far away lands such as Egypt. As his fame grew, Draco ultimately ended up defeating King Chester and foiling his plans; but the war was not yet over. Draco's fame, as Grandall's top soldier, came at the price of a painful loss- Draco's mentor, Girardot had allegedly betrayed Grandall and Draco was forced to hunt him down. This ultimately lead to a battle between Draco and Girardot.

The battle between the young cadet and his mentor ended with Draco's victory and Girardot badly wounded. Girardot's dying words would stay with Draco from that point on. "You are strong, but do you know what you're really fighting for?"

Before Draco could react any further, Girardot was executed by Grandall's corrupt Emperor, Strife Astlar. Upon seeing Girardot's unjust death, Draco sought to avenge him and soon discovered Strife and Chester's plans of using Soul Edge to enslave the entire world. Draco made the solemn decision to take Girardot's place as the leader of the Arthias Rebels.

Strife continued to work with the main instigator of the Mantis War, Chester, as Draco's rebel army grew and grew. After many hard-fought battles, Draco's main unit made it to Strife's castle. After defeating Chester and the castle's many guards, Draco finally came face-to-face with Strife.

As the final battle drew near, Draco wielded the spirit sword, Soul Calibur, which his former rival, Luna had given to him. Strife in turn wielded the demonic sword, Soul Edge. The battle was long and vicious; but as the smoke cleared, it was Draco that stood victorious. After the battle, the two Soul Blades vanished- peace was restored to Grandall, and Draco was considered a great hero.

The people of Grandall celebrated and were going to name Draco their new Emperor, but Draco declined and handed the title to his friend, Abelia Schillfelt, as he wouldn't be staying in Grandall much longer. His mind was now set to liberating his home of Drachenburg. Despite his leaving, a statue of Draco still remains in the center of Grandall and acts as a constant reminder of his triumph.