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Name: Christopher
Gender: Male
Class: Swordmaster




Class: Swordmaster

Head: Jaguar Mask - 07,24
Hair: Crew Cut - 05,26
Lower Torso: Undershirt - 01,13
Mid Torso: Cloth Shirt - 24,21
Upper Torso: Cloth Vest - 02,19
Arms: Bandit's Gloves - 01,01
Waist: Leather Belt - 01,01
Upper Legs: Slacks - 01,13
Socks: Cloth - 01,13
Feet: Leather Boots - 01,01

Face: 03
Eyebrows: 05,25
Lips: 03,05
Eyes: 25,21
Skin: 05,17
Underwear: 01,16
Voice: Young Man 2


Christopher lives in the Water Mill Valley and set's off after hearing that Talim never returned from a quest, so Chris set off to find her and return her home safely. On the quest, Chris gained strength while battling friends and foes. Soon, Chris found Talim after defeating Abyss and returned home with Talim in his arms and vowed to keep watch over Talim and keep her safe from harm.