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Name: Ashte
Gender: Female
Class: Barbarian
Author: Barbarian




Class: Barbarian

Hair: Medium Length - 32,25
Lower Torso: Type X Body Suit - 01,27
Upper Torso: Gown - 02,23
Arms: Bandit's Gloves - 02.21, | 24,02
Waist: Carrying Belt - 02,21
Lower Legs: Leather Pants - 24,02
Upper Legs: Long Pants - 01,27
Feet: Scale Leggings - 01,27

Face: 06
Eyebrows: 32,25
Lips: 03,15
Eyes: 02,22
Skin: 06,15
Underwear: 24,02
Voice: Girl 2


Hailing from another dimension far into the future, Ashte is a half-demon with tremendous power, she is a wandering vigilante who constantly clashes with her rival, the angel knight Skye.

She wanders the Earth searching for a way back to her world, destroying any obstacle that gets in the way of her goal.