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Name: Arthur
Gender: Male
Class: Dancer
Author: john




Class: Dancer

Hair: Gelled Back - 05,26
Chin: Scar - 02,20
Mid Torso: Worker's Shirt - 20,22
Upper Torso: Cloth Vest - 02,27
Arms: Knuckle Gloves - 20,22
Waist: Carrying Belt - 02,20
Upper Legs: Clown Shorts - 02,27 | 02,27
Feet: Cloth Shoes - 20,22

Face: 01
Eyebrows: 05,25
Lips: 04,19
Eyes: 25,20
Skin: 05,17
Underwear: 01,18
Voice: No Preferences


Age: 16
Birthplace: New York, USA
Birthdate: July 23
Blood Type: A+
Weapon: Chinese Sword
Weapon Name: Northern Star
Discipline: Dancer Attacker


Arthur is a boy who lives in the year 2012. He comes from a family of dancers. Nobody in the family liked to dance when they were children, but when they became adults they started to appreciate the dance and then taught it to their children. The dance has been in the blood of this family for generations. But Arthur was different, since he was a little boy he enjoyed dancing.

He suffered from bullying for years because of his dancing. One day he decided to face this problem, and when bullies came towards him, he attacked them with karate techniques mixed with his dance. Upon returning home, he noticed that underneath his bed there was a shiny blue light. When he went to check what it was, he was driven by the light and teleported to a strange world. Then, suddenly, a glowing blue sword appeared right in front of him.

'I am the mystical sword Soul Calibur. I see you're a good warrior; you should join us to destroy the cursed sword Soul Edge,' said the sword. Then it disappeared.

He was confused and didn't know what to do, he tried to use his phone, but there was no signal. Two warriors came to the place where Arthur was and they were so worried about Arthur that they took him to their house. They asked about what had happened to him. Arthur explained everything.

'So it will happen…' Xianghua says.

'Arthur, you are one of the warriors which Soul Calibur has chosen to destroy Soul Edge.' said Kilik.

'I know, but one question: What is Soul Calibur and Soul Edge?' asked Arthur.

Kilik and Xianghua look at each other amazed.

'How you don’t know what is Soul Edge and Soul Calibur? They are the most powerful swords, one with the power of light and one with power of darkness.' Xianghua said.

'Arthur, you are a warrior chosen by the Soul Calibur, you should learn to fight with any weapon. Do you fight with one?' question Kilik.

'No, but I…' responds Arthur, but is interrupted.

'You have to learn, what do you do?' question Xianghua.

'I dance. My family…' responds, but is interrupted.

'C'mon, I'll teach you how to fight with the Chinese Sword, here take it!' said Xianghua who runs into the arena and throws a sword to Arthur.

'Can you two stop interrupting me?!' Arthur said.

So after days of training, Arthur finally learns to fight with the Chinese sword.
Xianghua and Kilik applaud him for finally have learned.

'Now that I've learned to defend myself, I'll go back to my world. My mother must be worried. Goodbye!' Arthur said.

'But you have been chosen by Soul Calibur, don’t you understand? You have to come with us to destroy Nightmare and his sword Soul Edge.' Xianghua says.

'But…' said Arthur.

'You will come with us in a journey!' Kilik says.

'But first you have to buy armor, take this money and go to the armor shop.' said Kilik.

So Arthur went to the armor shop, and when he was going out the shop with the armor, he is pick pocketed. He picks his sword and follows the thief.

'Oh, man. This isn’t food.' said the thief.

'Hey, why did you steal this?' said Arthur.

'Oh, this is yours? Take it.' said the thief. He throws the bag with the armor.

'Thanks, hey, whats is your name?' ask Arthur.

'Why you wanna know that?' said the thief.

'Just wanna know!' said Arthur.

'Leoward…Happy now?' said Leoward.

'Hey, Leoward, what happened with your family?' asked Arthur.

'You continue here, get out. This is my place!' said Leoward.

'Okay, but take this! It’s a gift.' said Arthur.

'What this?' ask Leoward.

'Open it and you'll know.'said Arthur.

Arthur went back to Kilik and Xianghua. But, he hides in the wall to see the reaction of Leoward when he opens the gift.

'FOOD!' said surprise Leoward. He ate all the food in minutes. Arthur came back to the place.

'So what you think about my gift?' said Arthur.

'Thank you. So what is your name?' asked Leoward.

'Arthur.' So the boys start talking and become friends.

Arthur returned home with the armor, ready to start the journey. When they were starting to go, Leoward appeared, asking if he can go too.

'Why you wanna go with us? THIEF!' said Kilik, 'You just want to steal our things. Get out, Leoward.'

'No! I really want to go with you guys, please! My family has been killed by Soul Edge, so I want to destroy Soul Edge with you guys.' said Leoward.

'Kilik, he doesn’t want to steal our things. I am his friend. His family has been killed by Soul Edge, like he said.' said Arthur.

'Okay, you will go with us, Leoward!' said Xianghua.

So they started a long journey to destroy the Nightmare and his sword.