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Name: Ally
Gender: Female
Class: Swordmaster




Class: Swordmaster

Head: Beret - 04,07
Hair: Semi-Long (Straight) - 02,04
Mid Torso: Short Top - 25,19
Upper Legs: Long Pants - 32,19
Shins: Ashigaru Shin Guards - 15,17

Face: 03
Eyebrows: 06,24
Lips: 03,15
Eyes: 27,20
Skin: 04,15
Underwear: 01,18
Voice: Girl 1


Ally is always glad to lend a helping hand and defeat evil foes with her nunchaku Falcon, she decided to help Chris look for Talim after battling him (all though she lost). She then returned home after helping Chris find Talim, for her own matters of business, but she promised that she would visit the Water Mill Valley.