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Name: Abraham
Gender: Male
Class: Knight
Author: Ray-Edgeworth




Class: Knight

Hair: Long Perm - 01,01
Lower Torso: Undershirt - 05,04
Mid Torso: Pirate's Jacket - 23,14
Upper Torso: Light Armor - 23,05
Shoulders: Shoulder Armor - 23,04
Neck: Magician's Cape - 23,27
Waist: Leather Belt - 26,08
Upper Legs: Leather Pants - 23,09
Feet: Armor Boots - 23,03

Face: 07
Eyebrows: 05,25
Lips: 03,05
Eyes: 01,04
Skin: 05,17
Underwear: 01,18
Voice: Young Man 1


Full Name: Abraham Torres
Age: 28
Birthplace: Baltharonia
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 71 kg
Birthdate: July 8th
Weapon: Break-Defense Sword
Weapon Name: Albroinger
Discipline: Abraham Style
Class: Defender Knight

Father / Alexander Torres (Deceased)
Mother / Catherine Gonzales Torres

Abraham Torres is the best defensive fighter in the kingdom, overcome by his father who died in a war to defend the kingdom. This event made a strong and silent personality in Abraham. Having spent mourning the death of his father he decided to train hard and promised his kingdom to defend it to death like his father.