Aquamanfrom DC ComicsView
Arielfrom Thundarr the BarbarianView
Baronessfrom G.I. JoeView
Batmanfrom DC ComicsView
Black Catfrom Marvel ComicsView
Blinkfrom Marvel ComicsView
Catwomanfrom DC ComicsView
Cheetarafrom ThundercatsView
Dee Deefrom Dexter's LaboratoryView
Demonafrom GargoylesView
Dexterfrom Dexter's LaboratoryView
Elmer Fuddfrom Looney ToonsView
Firestarfrom Marvel ComicsView
Florafrom Jayce and the Wheeled WarriorsView
Goleetafrom Galtar and the Golden LanceView
Green Lanternfrom DC ComicsView
Harley Quinnfrom DC ComicsView
Hawkmanfrom HawkmanView
He-Manfrom He-Man and the Masters of the UniverseView
Hexadecimalfrom RebootView
Jimmyfrom Ed, Edd & EddyView
Johnny Bravofrom Johnny BravoView
Lady Pendragonfrom Lady PendragonView
Lion-Ofrom ThundercatsView
Mara the Enchantressfrom BlackstarView
Mojo Jojofrom The Powerpuff GirlsView
Nefertinafrom Mummies AliveView
Nightwingfrom DC ComicsView
Panthrofrom ThundercatsView
Papa Smurffrom The SmurfsView
Poison Ivyfrom DC ComicsView
Pumyrafrom ThundercatsView
Pythonafrom G.I. JoeView
Ravenfrom Teen TitansView
Red Sonjafrom Marvel ComicsView
Robinfrom DC ComicsView
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