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Invitation to Another Stage of History


The Soul Calibur III part of the video showcase. The theme is to move on and start anew after a loss. Previously the tone was darker, but I changed it to be psyched at the middle of the video. This project was developed simultaneously with RESET and was intended to be the beginning of the video. However, I decided to make it stand alone, thus changing the music and the end part of this video.

Characters that appear in the video belong to their respective owner. BGM "Kamui" composed by by Keita Takanami.


Ottiliaby AramitamaView
Evangelineby Perseonn BalthasaarView
Denizaby DionysieView
Spicaby Perseonn BalthasaarView
Sleipialby Perseonn BalthasaarView
Claritiaby GatkowskiView
Shakariby KristofView
Xiao-Linby Buster WolfView
Ferroby GatkowskiView
Xi-li Rinby Buster WolfView