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Legal Information and Credits

Information about our character ownership and legality of our media. Also serves as a monument for people involved in the website creation.

Message for C.T.

This document covers the closure against any of C.T's right over his creations.


Our history started from a Soul Calibur Character Creation forum which was closed by the administrator for unknown reason after running for 5 years (2008-2012). Since most of the images was retained. I decided to create a new site and named it after the character select announcement in Soul Edge, Another Stage of History.

News Archive

News archive keeps the old site news in one place, in order to preserve our history. This list archives up to version 3, and no longer updated after that.

Time Machine

Time machine is allows visitors to see the previous version of website mentioned on the history of Another Stage of History. These sites are no longer maintained so they are plagued with errors.