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Message for C.T.

This document covers the closure against any of C.T's right over his creations.

To our old administrator and former founder C.T. (a.k.a. BaneWolf, wonderpierrot (YouTube), wonderpierrot (PSN) or Ceraphei (XBL) or moc.liamtekcor|52noitarbiv#moc.liamtekcor|52noitarbiv),

I appreciate your help and support for us, the fans of Custom Character Creation in Soul series. However, the abrupt parting prevented me to take all things that is rightfully belong to me.

The data that you still hold consists of (but not limited to):

  • Soul series Masterlist on Soul Gateway

Until you can return these things, I not remove the archive data of your former site as a constant reminder of your Soul Calibur history.

Your former faithful co-administrator, Perseonn Balthasaar