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Legal Information and Credits

Information about our character ownership and legality of our media. Also serves as a monument for people involved in the website creation.

Website Team

Website team consist of Perseonn Balthasaar and Buster Wolf.


All screenshots were made by the website team. The media used were:

  • Genuine Soul Calibur III using TV card
  • Emulated Soul Calibur III using PCSX2
  • Genuine Soulcalibur IV using TV card
  • Emulated Soulcalibur Broken Destiny using PPSSPP
  • Genuine Soulcalibur V using TV card
  • Genuine Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires using TV card
  • Genuine Dynasty Warriors 8 using TV card
  • Genuine Samurai Warriors 4 using TV card



Soul series © Namco Bandai Games Inc.
Dynasty Warriors series © Tecmo Koei Holdings Co., Ltd.

Alternate Media

Images in the alternate media which was created using another video games, are copyrighted by their respective developers and/or publishers.


Formulas and Officer Data for each character are owned by their respective Author.


All guides written by the website team were created by the website team.

Metamorph (ASoH Version 1 and 2)

Original CSS layout was designed by Metamorphosis Design. Modifications are done by website team.

Sky Blue (ASoH Version 3)

Original CSS layout was designed by Pieter Hintjens. Modifications are done by website team.

fiction Works (ASoH Version 4)



For giving the help on fixing the complex template of char: pages, and giving me the idea to utilize the ListPages module.


Timothy Foster

For the suggestion of having Google Drive to host image, and for creating the Carousel snippets.


Ed Johnson

For the knowledge of customizable carousel code.



For providing the "Wikidot Extension", and knowledge of "Site Clone".



For providing the STE tool that speeds up manual source code transfer.



For being a patient beta-tester and giving suggestions here and then.

Bootstrap Template Credits

Special thanks goes to the following users for their contribution to this template site:


The Wikidot Team

For providing the platform upon which the site stands


Timothy Foster

For developing the HTML layout and CSS theme


Ed Johnson

For work concerning the Administrator Link and Bootstrap pioneer site, the Bootstrap Playground


Everyone Else

Special thanks goes to RobElliott and Helmut_pdorf for their front-line support on the Community site, and to James Kanjo, leiger and tsangk for the development of snippets integrated into this site.

Black Marble (ASoH Version 6)

Black Marble patterned texture background was designed by tirachard / Freepik
Ornament Divider Collection was >Designed by Freepik