As the Emperor and his squad of Black Guard warriors approached the Empress' carriage, they saw the bodies of the guards that were assigned to escort her back to the Citadel strewn about, some had not even had a chance to unsheathe their swords. Kristof approached the carriage and opened the door. Inside was Sitheena, sobbing into a piece of the Empress' garment. He helped her out and asked her what had happened. She said a man in Jade garments had slaughtered the guards and pulled Shakari from the carriage and before she could do anything they had vanished. He ordered Vogar to escort her safely back to the Citadel. As he and his warriors searched around for clues, a voice came from up in a tree.

"I know who took your Empress, you will not be able to find him, but I can help." he said. He was a curious looking man, seemingly part human, part simian, sitting in the crook of a tree leaning on an ornate staff. He leaped to the ground and bowed. "Sun Wukong at you service."

Kristof sneared "The Monkey King? I thought you were a myth."

"Aie, and it was a myth that took your beloved." Sun Wukong replied, "It was the Jade Emperor himself, looking for a bride who will become immortal from the Elixir of Life."

"Where can I find him!" Kristof exploded, making Sun Wukong to take a few steps back.

"You cannot get their by yourself, he rules his own realm. But I can get you there, for a price to be named later. Agreed?" he explained.

The Emperor's patience was running out, "Agreed, take me there now."

"You and only you," said the Monkey King, pointing at the soldiers, "They cannot come."

Kristof ordered his guards to wait and set up camp. He followed Sun Wukong into the forest, being thoroughly convinced that this venture will definitely end in bloodshed.