It was on a day when the Citadel was open to public forum so merchants and others could converse with the Emperor and Empress about local matters. It was then two hooded persons approached the throne, one apparently a young woman in a hood and veil, and what appeared to be another taller women in a red hood and cloak. They approached Kristof, the young woman gave a respective bow, while the other just stood. She then stated her business.

"Great Emperor, thank you for the honor of letting us address you. We have come to discuss matters of a personal nature, about an item you may have in your possession", she explained, "An item you may have in your secret Depository".

This caught the Emperor's attention quickly. Few know about the Depository of Lost Artifacts hidden behind a secret wall, and what it contains. The young woman continued.

"Let us introduce ourselves. I'm am Euryale, and this is my older sister Stheno. I believe you already know who we are". She looked around the room. "May I suggest that we speak in private as to not cause any undue panic among these fine people".

The Emperor stroked his chin for a few moments, nodded, and gestured to the guards to clear the throne room. The guards began to politely usher out the confused gathering, assuring them that they will be able to express their concerns to the Emperor at a later time. The Empress glanced at Kristof in a confused matter. He leaned into her and whispered to her his reasons. Her eyes grew wide, and quickly got up and proceeded out a side door with her handmaiden Sitheena following directly behind, giving confused glances back at the Emperor.

After the room was cleared and the doors shut Euryale began to take off her hood and veil. She had the face of a beautiful young woman, pale skin and a supple figure. Her most striking attribute was the multitude of golden-colored snakes she had for hair, cascading around her face and shoulders. She wore gold jewelry and was scantily clad in golden silks. Noticing that she had caught the eye of the Emperor, she gave him a flirtatious smile. The Emperor then cleared his throat and turned his attention to her companion. Stheno then recovered her hood and robe. She too was a striking figure, but in a different way. She was tall, lean, and well muscled. She had a stern face, and the snakes that covered her head were of a bright red color, and were very aggressive, often even attacking each other. Euryale began to continue.

"As I suspected, you are not susceptible to our "curse" as most others are", she smiled, "And I do believe you already know why we are here".

Kristof fell silent for a few moments, and then softly replied "The head of Medusa".

Kristof thought back to just a few weeks ago he was in the Depository looking among some items towards the back of the room which apparently have been there for some time. He notices on a pedestal and square box covered by a piece of black silk. He then lifted the silk and was taken back by what was under it. It was a square container made from a near unbreakable glass-like substance. It was filled with a clear thick liquid. And suspended in the liquid was indeed the head of Medusa herself. She had lovely pale emerald skin, and a face of a very lovely woman. The snakes she had for hair were of a bright green color, and seemed to be as devoid of life as the head. He had noticed there was absolutely no signs of decomposition, considering how long it had been separated from her body. He also had thought to himself that this hardly looks like the hideous monster of legend. Euryale then interrupted his thoughts.

"Yes", she began to speak more solemnly. "We only wish to return her head to her body, and give her the eternal rest she deserves ever since the murderer Perseus took her life".

The Emperor has looked into the eyes of men, women, and beast alike and has been quite accurate about their true intentions. Though Euryale seemed sincere, he is almost positive that there is something she is not telling him.

He thought for a few moments, and then stated "I'll consider your proposal, but only if you tell me the full truth".

It was then it was apparent why Stheno had not spoken one word the whole time. She let out a loud hiss, showing not only her fanged teeth, but forked tongue. She quickly moved towards Kristof, he quickly rose from his throne and prepared to defend himself, when Euryale moved in between them and stopped her sister from attacking. It took a few moments to settle her down, and when she did she turned to the Emperor and began to explain.

"I assume my sisters' head shows no sign of decomposing? Well, neither does her body. It lye's within her temple, same as the day her head was separated from it. We believe that if her head is reunited with her body, she may be able to be brought back to life. So please", she begged, tears starting to roll down her face, "Please let us have her head, we miss her so. And I promise you we do not intend to cause harm to anyone, we only wish to live in peace".

Kristof took a few moments to think, and he complied, "You will have what you ask for, but under one condition. I will come with you to your temple so I can see for myself."

Euryale glanced nervously at Stheno, and then turned towards the Emperor and bowed, "We agree to your terms. We leave at first light, with the Emperor's permission."

He nodded. They replaced their hooded garments and left through a side door. The Emperor sat alone in the quiet empty throne room, wondering if what he is about to let occur really for the best, or is he unleashing an ancient danger back into the world.