It has been a subject of debate as to whether Perseus was the hero many claimed to be, as he did the world a favor by eliminating many feared beings, including the monster known as Medusa, or that he was a murderer, killing those who only sought live their existence in peace.

The tome of the "Depository of Lost Artifacts" has the armor of Perseus listed as among the many items locked away in the Depository. These items were given to Perseus by members of the Olympian Pantheon to help defeat the Gorgon Medusa.

  1. The Adamantine Sword- A blade given to Perseus by his father Jupiter. It would never dull, never break, and can never be forced from the hand of its wielder.
  2. The Helm of Darkness - A helmet given to Perseus by Pluto. It had the power to change the wearer to a spectral form, rendering them invisible.
  3. The Winged Sandals - Given to Perseus by Mercury. They allowed to wearer to fly.
  4. The Shield of Reflection (missing) - A shield given to Perseus by Minerva. It had a mirror finish on the inside surface, it would allow him to see Medusa without succumbing to her petrifying gaze. It has been thought to have been destroyed by the acidic blood of Medusa.
  5. The Bag of Holding - A sack given to Perseus by the Hesperides. It was made of a material that would allow it to safely hold Medusa's Head.