Belial was a deposed Daemon lord. He was often considered almost as powerful as Asmodeus himself, but his subjects overthrew him and chained him inside his own stronghold. He was released by Baphomet when he agreed to destroy the Emperor in exchange for being released. During the fight between Belial and Kristof, Belial managed to get the upper hand, wounding the Emperor and slamming him to the ground. As he raised his weapon to deliver the death blow, he paused. The Emperor rolled out of the way, but realized Belial was not moving. He looked up and saw that his head was gone, thick black blood spurting from his neck. As the large body collapsed to the ground, the Emperor heard a strange female laugh. A daemonic looking pale skinned woman stood there holding Belial's still twitching head. She tossed Belial's head to the Emperor with a smile. She introduced herself as Lilith, and she informed him that he has been targeted for death by the lords of the Abyss. She then flew off into the night, calling back to him to keep his life, for she has plans for him.