Azazel is Daemon Lord whose greed is incomparable to all. He cares not for war and conquest, but the accumulation of riches. Baphomet has longed for him for centuries, but he has rejected all advances she has made. He believes that Naamah is the only creature worthy to be by his side. When Azazel finally asked Naamah to rule by his side, she refused him. This of course angered him, but what really sent him into a rage is when Belphegor told him that it was in fact a mortal Naamah longed for and why she has refused him. Azazel swore he would destroy the Emperor. This was to Belphegor's delight. For he believes that Azazel is not powerful enough to kill the Emperor, since it is believed that is was Kristof who defeated Belial, and Azazel was not nearly as powerful as Belial. If the Emperor defeats Azazel, Belphegor believes if would improve his standing with Baphomet.