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Soul Calibur IV Honor

This guide was made by Buster WolfBuster Wolf.

First and foremost to check how many you have go to Museum » Battle Records

As you may have heard by now you need 30 honors to unlock all parts for CaS, there are a total of 50 honors with 6 forcing you to play online, you pretty much only need 30, but if you want bragging rights with your friends then go head and get more. Also you have to be playing Story, Arcade, Tower of Lost Soul or Online for these to count, Training and Versus won’t add anything

Table of Contents

1. Start of a New Era (5 points)

Welcome to the new world of Soulcalibur!
This is the easiest yet there are those who don’t have this one and wonder why, simple watch the opening do not press until the announcer says "Soulcalibur 4".

2. Encounter with the Unknown (10 points)

Fight against Vader/Yoda.
The Apprentice is the only one that fights them in Arcade mode based on your console, or you can battle a friend online using them.

3. Pursuer of the Secret (10 points)

Clear Story mode on difficulty: Normal.

4. Mystery of the Swords (20 points)

Clear Story mode on difficulty: Hard.

5. May the Force be with You (20 points)

Clear Story mode with Vader/Yoda.

6. War Veteran (10 points)

Clear Arcade mode.

7. Hero on the Battlefield (20 points)

Clear Arcade mode with over 450,000 points.
Get lots of perfects, you should have over 450,000 by the time you face Algol.

8. Legendary Hidden Treasures (20 points)

Acquire over 30 treasures in Tower of Lost Souls.

9. Never Ending Advance (20 points)

Descend 20 floors in Tower of Lost Souls.
Sadly to be able to Descend you need to Ascend 20 floors…stupid I know.

10. Tower's New Guardian (30 points)

Clear all upper floors of Tower of Lost Souls.

11. Scorpion's Sting (10 points)

Win a battle with Critical Finish.

12. Smasher (10 points)

Destroy all of the opponent's equipment.
If you don't have an online buddy to play with do the 45th floor of the Tower, using 2 Yun-seongs & an Astaroth.

For Upper crush use Yun-seong's Diving Viper (66A)
For Mid crush use Yun-seong's Avenging Claw (6BB)
For Low crush use Astaroth's Double Discus (1AA)

Make sure to have Soul Gauge Damage A.

13. Iron Hammer (10 points)

Land an attack on a taunting opponent.

14. Death on the Battlefield (30 points)

Perform 100 Critical Finishes.
Floor 11 is perfect for this as its requirement is to Critical Finish each opponent.

15. Like a Flowing Stream (20 points)

Perform 200 Impacts.
Auto Impact A helps.

16. Lost in the Moment (30 points)

Perform 20 Just Impacts.

17. Quick Strike (10 points)

Perform 5 First Attacks in a row in Arcade.

18. Swift Strike (20 points)

Perform 100 First Attacks.

19. Mad Destroyer (20 points)

Perform 100 Soul Crushes.

20. Violent Storm (20 points)

Perform 50 Wall Hits.

21. 10,000 Strikes of Proof (30 points)

Land 10,000 attacks.
If you want to get this quickly do the following.

Maxi: Wavering Light -> Wavering Dream ~ Right Outer (2A+K,B+K ~ BBA)

This does 5 hits and low damage using it throughout Maxi's Story mode will net a lot of hits on the counter.

22. Endure 1,000 (30 points)

Guard 1,000 times against attacks.

23. Water Moon (20 points)

Perform 30 grapple breaks.
Auto Grapple Break A helps.

24. Distance will not Betray (20 points)

Reach over 10,000 meters in total movement distance in battle.

25. First Step as an Artist (5 points)

Customize a regular character.

26. Chosen by History (5 points)

Create a custom character.

27. Sharpened Teeth (20 points)

Maximize a style's level.

28. Equal Skill and Power (20 points)

Use all skill points and set up 4 skills.

Style: Cassandra
Weapon: Digamma & Nemea Shield

Auto Counter C
Nullify Counter C
Hysterical Strength
Soul Gauge Damage C

Sobek Vizard
Kunoichi Tights
Parlor Blouse
Leather Gloves

This isn't one you can try right away sadly.

29. Engraved into History (30 points)

Fight 100 times (Online).

30. World Class Fighter (30 points)

Fight against 20 different fighting styles (Online).
You’ll have to find someone willing to use the styles you haven’t fought against (write it down on a paper to remember).

31. World Traveler (30 points)

Fight on all stages (Online).

32. Gladiator (20 points)

Win consecutive Ranked Matches (Online).

33. Unknown Swordsman (20 points)

Win 10 times (Online).

34. Hero King (30 points)

Level up to 20 (Online).

35. Divine Punishment (20 points)

K.O. with an Unblockable Attack.
You can do this in an early stage in Story mode.

36. Reversal Wizard (20 points)

Win 20 times with low HP.

37. Phoenix (10 points)

Win with all equipment destroyed.
Have a character with HP Burst and use it early, your Soul Gauge will deplete quickly to the point that any blocked attack will cause Soul Crush do this in the first stage in Story Mode.

38. Wandering Assassin (10 points)

K.O. opponent with over 20 types of weapons.

39. Repel All Blades (30 points)

Win perfect 30 times.
Ring outs do not count towards this.

40. Numeric God (20 points)

Measure the two passages of time and win.
This is a tough one. The amount of seconds left on the round clock must equal the seconds of your playtime clock. A digital stopwatch might help in determining the playtime clock.

41. Two Cannot Exist Together (20 points)

Get a double K.O.
Yoshimitsu: Turning Suicide (66A+K).

42. Gathering of the Best (20 points)

Complete Chain Of Souls.
Unlock all characters.

43. Observer of Souls (30 points)

Collect all illustrations in Art Gallery.

44. Sword Hunter (15 points)

Collect all weapons for 5 characters.

45. The Controller (20 points)

Get Soul Calibur (Final Form).
Clear Siegfried's Story mode and buy it.

46. Wild Run to Tragedy (20 points)

Get Soul Edge (Final Form).
Clear Nightmare's Story mode and buy it.

47. Looter of the Battlefield (20 points)

Collect all accessories.
Buy all Special Equipment.

48. Wandering Weapon Merchant (20 points)

Collect 350 pieces of equipment.

49. Tower of Gold (20 points)

Acquire over 1,000,000 gold.

50. Transcend History and the World (50 points)

Acquire all weapons and equipment.