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Soul Calibur III Normal Unlocking

Listed here is the normal way to unlock these rather than getting them via Battle count. This guide was made by Buster WolfBuster Wolf.

Soul Arena missions

Dancing Statue (Easy) - Score Clear or higher in Soul Smash (Easy)
Sudden Death Rally (Easy) - Score Clear or higher in Turntable (Easy)
Wisp Shoot (Easy) - Score Clear or higher in Coin Collector (Easy)
Hard Workers (Easy) - Spend 250,000 Gold at the Item Shop
Beloved (Easy) - Beat Amy in Tales of Souls
Final Battle (Easy) - Beat Night Terror in Tales of Souls


Chaos - Spiritual Realm - Beat Night Terror in Tales of Souls
Egyptian Temple (Minimum) - Score Clear or Higher in Sudden Death Rally (Easy)
Egyptian Temple, Egyptian Temple (Minimum & Cage), Eurydice Shrine, Grand Labyrinth, Grand Labyrinth (Corridor), Grand Labyrinth (Darkness), Lakeside Coliseum, Lakeside Coliseum (No Cage), Lost Cathedral - Ruin, Pirate Raid, Sacred Mt. Fuji & Silk Road Ruin - Clear episode of Tales of Souls featuring corresponding stage


Character Illustrations - Beat Tales of Souls with the corresponding character
Hi-Res art - Buy Zasalamel(3), Tira(2), Setsuka(2), Mitsurugi(1), Taki(1), Ivy(1), Cassandra(1), Astaroth(1), Voldo(1), Siegfried(1) & Nightmare's(2) Illustrations after beating Tales of Souls with them
Abyss' Art - Beat Abyss in Tales of Souls
Night Terror's Art - Beat Night Terror in Tales of Souls
CotS Character Art (Abelia, Aurelia, Chester, Demuth, Girardot, Luna & Strife) - Beat the Chronicle it takes to unlock the character while also fulfilling bonus requirements (Abelia 18, Aurelia 12, Chester 19, Demuth 10, Girardot 15, Luna 11, Strife 20)

Group Illustrations

02 - Beat Chronicle 2 while also fulfilling bonus requirements
03 - Beat Chronicle 4 while also fulfilling bonus requirements
04 - Beat Chronicle 6 while also fulfilling bonus requirements
05 - Beat Chronicle 8 while also fulfilling bonus requirements

Specialty Art

Publicity Art 1 - Win 1 Tournament in World Competition
Publicity Art 2 - Win 1 League Tournament in World Competition
Publicity Art 3 - Win Tournament 3 times in a row in World Competition
Special Art: V's Mansion - Clear Chronicle 17 while fulfilling bonus requirements
Special Art: Group - Clear Chronicles of the Sword
Special Art: Special Group - Clear all missions in Soul Arena with a score of Great


Assassin - Reach Lv.20 with Ninja
Gladiator - Reach Lv.20 with Barbarian
Pirate - Reach Lv.20 with Thief
Sage - Reach Lv.20 with Saint
Knight - Reach Lv. 20 with Gladiator
Samurai - Reach Lv.20 with Assassin
Sword Master - Buy every class, leave shop, then return

Easy way to get all Disciplines

Create 1 character of a certain class (example Monk)
Go to Vs. Battles & have rounds set to 1
Have the Character fight them self (Monk vs. Monk) with health set to 10%

The number of battles to do is

13 Discipline 2
25 Discipline 3
38 Soul of Discipline 1
50 Soul of Discipline 2

Can I do that with 2 characters at once?
Yes, same procedure except it's create 2 characters of differing jobs that don't have all disciplines & the count is 25, 50, 75, 100

What if I don't have a second controller?
Quick play set to 1 round, though the number of fights you have to do is equal to doing the above (25, 50, 75 ,100)

For Chronicles of the Sword the levels to unlock disciplines are

Lv.10 Discipline 2
Lv.20 Discipline 3
Lv.30 Soul of Disciplines

Another way to get the Disciplines is to play through Survival (Hard) once, Survival (Normal) twice or Survival (Easy) 3 times and 10 battles on the next run through (Brought to you by Jukain)

By play through that means fully finish

CaS Discipline List

Iron Sword
Grieve Edge
Wave Sword
Soul of Nightmare
Soul of Astaroth

Grieve Edge
Soul of Maxi
Soul of Kilik

Wave Sword
Soul of Yun-Seong
Soul of Tira

Steel Fan
Grieve Edge
Soul of Xianghua
Soul of Voldo

Steel Fan
Soul of Zasalamel
Soul of Talim

Katana & Shuriken
Soul of Taki
Soul of Setsuka

Sword & Shield
Wave Sword
Grieve Edge
Soul of Rock
Soul of Seong Mi-Na

Chinese Sword
Iron Sword
Soul of Cervantes
Soul of Ivy

Chinese Blade
Sword and Shield
Soul of Sophitia
Soul of Cassandra

Wave Sword
Chinese Sword
Soul of Lizardman
Soul of Tira

Iron Sword
Soul of Siegfried
Soul of Raphael

Katana & Shuriken
Soul of Mitsurugi
Soul of Yoshimitsu

Sword Master
Katana & Shuriken
Chinese Sword
Chinese Blade
Grieve Edge
Steel Fan
Iron Sword
Sword & Shield
Wave Sword

Additional Custom Character Slots

1st of 7 - Beat Chronicle 3 while fulfilling bonus requirements
2nd of 7 - Beat Chronicle 5 while fulfilling bonus requirements
3rd of 7 - Beat Chronicle 9 while fulfilling bonus requirements
4th of 7 - Beat Chronicle 13 while fulfilling bonus requirements
5th of 7 - Beat Chronicle 16 while fulfilling bonus requirements
6th of 7 - Beat Chronicle 19 while fulfilling bonus requirements
7th of 7 - Beat Chronicle 20 while fulfilling bonus requirements

Joke Weapons

There are a total of 24 Joke weapons in the game, you can unlock them by beating a certain mission in Soul Arena which will be graded as followed

(C) = Clear
(G) = Good
(Gr) = Great

Soul Smash
Normal (Gr) - Siegfried Galley Oar
Hard (C) - Asatroth Stone Slab

Coin Collector
Normal (Gr) - Ivy Prototype Ivy Blade
Hard (C) - Voldo Tambourines

Normal (Gr) - Xianghua Calligraphy Brush
Hard (C) - Taki Tobacco Pipes

Blast Chase
Normal (Gr) - Yun-seong Child's Sword
Hard (C) - Seong Mi-na Feather Broom

Dancing Statue
Normal (Gr) - Cassandra Broken Sword
Hard (C) - Sophitia Memento

Wisp Shoot
Normal (Gr) - Zasalamel Beak
Hard (Gr) - Rock Iron Fists

Sudden Death Rally
Normal (Gr) - Maxi Termite Snack
Hard (C) - Lizardman Boned Meat

Normal (Gr) - Setsuka Broken Bamboo Sword
Hard (C) - Yoshimitsu Shepard's Crook

Normal (Gr) - Mitsurugi Souvenir Gift
Hard (C) - Olcadan The Tease

Hard Workers
Normal (Gr) - Tira Cogwheel
Hard (C) - Talim Weight

Normal (Gr) - Raphael Cane
Hard (C) - Kilik Bamboo Staff

Final Battle
Normal (Gr) - Cervantes Imitation Sword
Hard (C) - Nightmare Giant Squid