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Soul Calibur III Class Quotes

This guide will be all about the class specific quotes all CaSes have when you hold down an action button (A, B, K & G; defaults to Square, Triangle, Circle & X respectively) during the replay at the end of the round (or after you win in Chronicles of the Sword). This guide was made by Buster WolfBuster Wolf.


The guide will be labeled as followed:
G1 = Girl 1
G2 = Girl 2
W = Woman
OW = Old Woman
YM1 = Young Man 1
YM2 = Young Man 2
M = Man
OM = Old Man
X/Y = Voices or Classes share the same line


G1/YM1: Strength is everything!
G2/YM2: Those who have forgotten their instincts…are no match for me!
W/M: Muuunhaaaaah!
OW: This is what happens when you ignore your animal roots.
OM: This is what happens when you forget your instincts.


G1: The power of kung-fu made all the difference!
G2: Weapons are for fools!
W/M: You lack training!
OW/OM: You really thought you could win?
YM1: The art of Kung-fu made all the difference!
YM2: Weapons are nothing but trinkets!


G1: The treasure is mine!
G2/YM2: Remember, the treasure is mine!
W: I’ve never missed a mark that I’ve gone after.
OW: Hmm, you don’t seem to have much.
YM1: That treasure is mine!
M: I’ve never missed prey that I’ve marked!
OM: Hmm, you don’t seem to have much loot.


G1: Did you enjoy…my dance?
G2: Were you entranced by my graceful moves?
W/M: You lack grace of any kind.
OW/OM: I still have the moves…don’t you think?
YM1: How did you enjoy that dance?
YM2: Your footwork is pathetic. This is a joke.


G1/YM1: Consider this…divine punishment.
G2: This is reality, you must learn to accept it.
W/M: Take this opportunity to purify your soul.
OW/OM: Power without faith…is weak indeed.
YM2: Learn to accept the limits of your strength.


G1/YM1: Mission complete!
G2: No one can stand against my ninjitsu!
W/M: This is the way of the shinobi.
OW: I’m getting old…I’m not as fast as I used to be.
YM2: No one can defeat my ninjitsu!
OM: I guess I’m getting old…My moves don’t have the oomph they used to.


G1: I shall offer this victory…to the heavens.
G2: I vowed to be victorious…I cannot lose!
W/M: Do not underestimate…the honor of a knight!
OW/OM: I shall offer this victory to the heavens.
YM1: I shall offer this victory…unto the heavens.
YM2: I vowed to achieve victory…I cannot lose!


G1/YM1: How did you enjoy the taste of ancient powers?
G2/YM2: Fool, you cannot rely on strength alone.
W: You cannot expect to win…if all you do is swing your weapon around.
OW: How did you enjoy…the taste of true power?
M: You cannot expect to win just by swinging a stick.
OM: Do you understand…the meaning of true power?


G1/YM1: Victory is mine!
G2/YM2: And you call yourself a warrior?!
W/M: Only one is worthy of claiming the heavens.
OW/OM: I haven’t lived this long for nothing!

Sword Master

G1/YM1: It will be a long time…before my sword is complete.
G2: Did you really expect…to get the better of my blade?
W/M: My blade cannot be defeated so easily!
OW/OM: This sword is my life!
YM2: Did you expect to stand up to my sword skills?


Assassin & Soul of Voldo (for Dancer) don't speak
Rapier will speak the lines of whichever class they're in.