This guide was made by Buster WolfBuster Wolf.

This guide will be all about the class specific quotes all CaSes have when you hold down an action button (A, B, K & G; defaults to Square, Triangle, Circle & X respectively) during the replay at the end of the round (or after you win in Chronicles of the Sword).


The guide will be labeled as followed:
G1 = Girl 1
G2 = Girl 2
W = Woman
OW = Old Woman
YM1 = Young Man 1
YM2 = Young Man 2
M = Man
OM = Old Man
X/Y = Voices or Classes share the same line


G1/YM1: Strength is everything!
G2/YM2: Those who have forgotten their instincts…are no match for me!
W/M: Muuunhaaaaah!
OW: This is what happens when you ignore your animal roots.
OM: This is what happens when you forget your instincts.


G1: The power of kung-fu made all the difference!
G2: Weapons are for fools!
W/M: You lack training!
OW/OM: You really thought you could win?
YM1: The art of Kung-fu made all the difference!
YM2: Weapons are nothing but trinkets!


G1: The treasure is mine!
G2/YM2: Remember, the treasure is mine!
W: I’ve never missed a mark that I’ve gone after.
OW: Hmm, you don’t seem to have much.
YM1: That treasure is mine!
M: I’ve never missed prey that I’ve marked!
OM: Hmm, you don’t seem to have much loot.


G1: Did you enjoy…my dance?
G2: Were you entranced by my graceful moves?
W/M: You lack grace of any kind.
OW/OM: I still have the moves…don’t you think?
YM1: How did you enjoy that dance?
YM2: Your footwork is pathetic. This is a joke.


G1/YM1: Consider this…divine punishment.
G2: This is reality, you must learn to accept it.
W/M: Take this opportunity to purify your soul.
OW/OM: Power without faith…is weak indeed.
YM2: Learn to accept the limits of your strength.


G1/YM1: Mission complete!
G2: No one can stand against my ninjitsu!
W/M: This is the way of the shinobi.
OW: I’m getting old…I’m not as fast as I used to be.
YM2: No one can defeat my ninjitsu!
OM: I guess I’m getting old…My moves don’t have the oomph they used to.


G1: I shall offer this victory…to the heavens.
G2: I vowed to be victorious…I cannot lose!
W/M: Do not underestimate…the honor of a knight!
OW/OM: I shall offer this victory to the heavens.
YM1: I shall offer this victory…unto the heavens.
YM2: I vowed to achieve victory…I cannot lose!


G1/YM1: How did you enjoy the taste of ancient powers?
G2/YM2: Fool, you cannot rely on strength alone.
W: You cannot expect to win…if all you do is swing your weapon around.
OW: How did you enjoy…the taste of true power?
M: You cannot expect to win just by swinging a stick.
OM: Do you understand…the meaning of true power?


G1/YM1: Victory is mine!
G2/YM2: And you call yourself a warrior?!
W/M: Only one is worthy of claiming the heavens.
OW/OM: I haven’t lived this long for nothing!

Sword Master

G1/YM1: It will be a long time…before my sword is complete.
G2: Did you really expect…to get the better of my blade?
W/M: My blade cannot be defeated so easily!
OW/OM: This sword is my life!
YM2: Did you expect to stand up to my sword skills?


Assassin & Soul of Voldo (for Dancer) don't speak
Rapier will speak the lines of whichever class they're in.