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Soul Calibur III Chronicles of The Sword Unlockables

This guide is made to list all items that become available during the course of Chronicles of the Sword for created characters. This guide was made by Buster WolfBuster Wolf.


All items listed are given to you for free after beating said Chronicle if you don't already have the item(s), this will have only allies, no unlockable characters (unless they were an ally in a Chronicle)

Tutorial Chronicle

Gelled Back, Chain Mail, Farmer's Shirt, Cursed Gear, Dragon Gauntlets, Lord's Shoulders, Large Tasset, Hunter's Pants, Protective Greaves & Face 02

Chronicle 1

Unruly Short Hair, Decorative Shirt, Chain Hose, Tight Skirt & Pirate's Boots

Chronicle 3

Ponytail, Scar, Magician's Coat & Pirate's Belt

Chronicle 5

Chain Mail, Coquettish Outfit, Breast Armor, Iron Gauntlets, Barbarian Pads, Wizard's Cape, Leather Tasset, Chain Hose, Metal Short Boots & Face 04

Short Hair, Short Top, Breastplate, Copper Braces, Iron Pads, Wizard's Belt, Heavy Boots & Face 03

Chronicle 6

Female Faces 11 & 13
Male Faces 08 & 10

Chronicle 7

Balding, Shogun's Beard, Breast Plate, Viking Shoulders, Magician Cape, & Unholy Leg Armor

Chronicle 8

(Save the following to get the items)
Medium Hard, Oval Glasses, Sleeveless Shirt, Dodge Braces, Lord's Tasset & Face 04

Straight Short, Leather Corset, Priest's Robe, Full Body Armor, Fencer Braces, Ogre Shoulders, Ragged Cape, Leather Body Band, Tied Pants & Metal Boots

Semi-Long (Straight), Sarashi (Lower Torso), Maiden's Robe, Quiver, Enchanted Choker, Ribbon Belt, Sarashi (Lower Legs), Miniskirt, Cloth Leggings & Leather Shoes

Chronicle 9

Jinkai (If you beat him before Xiaoxin in Chronicle 2)
Japanese Eye Patch, Samurai Mustache, Shogun's Vest, Lord's Gloves, Samurai Shoulders, Samurai Waist Band & Face 09

Xiaoxin (If you beat him before Jinkai in Chronicle 2)
Dragon Tunic, Warlord's Armor, Warlord's Bracelets, Warlord's Shoulders, Warlord's Tasset, Warlord's Greaves & Face 05

Chronicle 13

Pirate's Shirt, Noble's Shoulders, Ribbon Scarf, Demonic Belt, Slit Pants & Stealth Leggings

Priest Wig, Scale Mail, Tight Shirt, Spy Pads, Priest Necklace, Scale Tasset, Cloth Bikini & Face 05

Long Hair (Tied), Shishou Hakkei, China Dress, Protect Armor, Bangles, Iron Shoulders, Armored Belt, Short Socks, Prayer Shoes, & Face 10

Styled Back, Sleeveless Robe, Lord's Armor, Iron Braces & Shoulder Armor

Chronicle 16

Rudiger (If you beat him before Feofan in Chronicle 15)
Evil Helm, Bandit's Gear, Dark Knight's Cape & Lord's Tasset

Feofan (If you beat him before Rudiger in Chronicle 15)
Medium Hard, Shirt with Ribbons, Rubber Armor, Dodge Braces, Light Shoulder Pads, Large Tasset, Clown Shorts, Buckled Boots & Face 01

Chronicle 20

Female Face 01
Male Faces 01 & 05


There are 4 instances where completing a Chronicle will get you clothing sold in Lynette's Shop, these are the only way to get these you will never unlock them no matter how many battles you fight so if you're Chronicles of the Sword data becomes corrupt or you get scarred of it after it happens once you're pretty much screwed.

Chronicle 6

Female Parts
Serpent Gloves, Dragon Plate, Hawk Talon, Bronze Brassiere, Duel Rod, Decorative Blouse, Chieftain Pads, Iron Leggings, Tiger Loincloth, Mohawk, Large Bun, Warrior Princess, Witch's Hat & Enchanted Cape

Male Parts
Warlord's Gauntlets, Clown Shirt, Mage's Garb, Tiger Waist Band, Mustache, Ninja Wig & Viking Helmet

Chronicle 12

Female Parts
Shadow Gauntlets, Shadow Armor, Edge Braces, Scorpion Suit, Prayer Robe, Battle Robe, Shadow Pads, Shadow Leg Armor, Punisher's Leg Armor, Shadow Tasset, Skull Mask, Round Glasses, Semi-Long (Topknot), Ponytail (Long), Low Ponytail, Lioness Helmet & Bell Choker

Male Parts
Unholy Gloves, Unholy Armor, Shirt with Frills, Lord's Leg Armor, Unholy Tasset, Baron's Beard, Topknot Wig & Unholy Helm

Chronicle 15

Female Parts
Heavy Gauntlets, Metal Gloves, Heavy Armor, Scale Bustier, Ribbon Dress, Clown Shirt, Heavy Pads, Metal Leg Armor, Gladiator's Boots, Heavy Belt, Swirly Cheeks, Oval Glasses, Pigtails, Braided Pigtails, Ponytail (Loop), Shadow Helm & Protect Cape

Male Parts
Evil Gloves, Evil Armor, Demonic Garb, Evil Leg Armor, Evil Tasset, Nobleman's Mustache, Shaved Head & Specter Hood

Chronicle 20

Female Parts
Burglar's Gloves, Leather Bustier, Stringed Bustier, Leather Body Suit, Fighter's Robe, Noble's Jacket, Battle Dress, Hunter's Pads, Crimson Sash, Sage's Belt, Prayer Pants, Common Skirt & High Short Pigtails

Male Parts
Warlord's Armor, Rubber Armor, Warlord's Bracelets, Shirt with Ribbons, Dragon Tunic, Light Shoulder Pads, Warlord's Shoulders, Clown Shorts, Warlords Greaves & Warlord's Tasset.


During Chronicles of the Sword weapons are unlocked in the shop every chronicle, with the exception of 4 & 14. Weapons written in ALL CAPS are yours free of charge after beating the chronicle…you have to beat the chronicle to get the weapon(s).

Chronicle 1

Ishtar - Demon Knife (Iron Sword)
Abelia - Katzbalger (Sword & Shield)

Chronicle 2

Jinkai - Suigetsutou & Ukifune (Katana & Shuriken)
Xiaoxin - Falchon (Chinese Sword)
Edith - Double Fang (Wave Sword)
Girardot - Bourdanasse (Lance)

Chronicle 3

Loki - Kris (Dagger)

Chronicle 5

Iblis - Tarentella (Tambourine)
Amirta - Fujin Fan (Steel Fan)

Chronicle 6

Lupi - Ahlspiess (Lance)
Luna - Jiaotu Juan (Chinese Blade)

Chronicle 7

Kureha - Iron Staff (Staff)
Shiina - Monohoshizao (Katana)
Yufeng - Zhongkui (Nunchaku)
Halphas - Aya & Hongya (Wave Sword)
Juno - Hercules Sword (Iron Sword)

Chronicle 8

Shiun - Genma & Kokuken (Katana & Shuriken)
Kanade - Mizuchi (Sickle)
Mooncalf - MIDNIGHT & Rune Blade (Chinese Blade)

Chronicle 9

Marid - Yaesumiji (Sickle)
Elua - Kazekirimaru (Kunai)
Wenli - Menard (Tambourine)

Chronicle 10

Demuth - BAINDIGART (Steel Fan)
Hyle - LILIA (Sword & Shield)
Azumi - Shirnaui (Katana)
*Asrafil - Zephyrus (Steel Fan)
*Azrael - Senjinsoku (Grieve Edge)
*Fengli - Duel Rod (Staff)

*These three I'm assuming are the ones that give you the items as they are the more sensible to give the item based on their discipline
The fights were Asrafil (Steel Fan) & Veles (Chinese Blade), Ambrose (Sickle) & Azrael (Grieve Edge) and Chikage (Katana & Shuriken) & Fengli (Staff)

Chronicle 11

Heal-Do - LEVIATHAN (Wave Sword)
Elua - GALEFORCE (Kunai)
Aege - BRUTAL TERRA (Iron Sword)
Luna - DYSTOPIA (Chinese Blade)

Chronicle 12

Celestis - Misericorde (Dagger)
Aether - Dujiao Gui (Chinese Blade)
Kierkess - HELL'S DESIGN (Grieve Edge)
Jyuri - Lei Yan (Chinese Sword)
Minlian - Kunlun Bamboo (Staff)
Roin - SACRIFICE (Lance)
Aurelia - BLACK WIDOW (Sickle)

Chronicle 13

Sizuku - Fallen Antler (Rapier)
Kimika - Nakinue (Kunai)
Brunhild - Dreadnought (Lance)

Chronicle 15

Katina - Tuck (Rapier)
Mayura - Huoshen (Nunchaku)
Girardot - ABSOLUTION (Lance)

Chronicle 16

Meilan - Shuang Lei (Nunchaku)
Irene - Terpsichore (Tambourine)
Konomi - Murasame (Katana)
Kagami - Totsuka & Yatugashira (Katana & Shuriken)

Chronicle 17

Riese - Atropos (Wave Sword)
Aeolos - Basho Fan (Steel Fan)

Chronicle 18

Ouka - Cailleach Bheur (Grieve Edge)
Balduin - Alondite (Iron Sword)
Mingyue - Bonebreaker Sword (Chinese Sword)
Abelia - ETERNAL REST (Sword & Shield)

Chronicle 19

Tomoe - Shutensou (Kunai)
Shizuma - Svadifari (Grieve Edge)
Abigail - Tongue of Tonatiuh (Dagger)
Hilda - Excalibur (Sword & Shield)
Ende - KOKUENRA (Katana)
Chester - KINGSLAYER (Dagger)

Chronicle 20

Haystir - Unicorn (Rapier)
Domenthi - Chain of Hades (Sickle)
Acacia - Valkyrie (Sword & Shield)
Strife - AMBITION & SOUL EDGE (Iron Sword)
SOUL CALIBUR (Chinese Blade)