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Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires Event

This guide was made by Buster WolfBuster Wolf.

This guide will list all events and special battles that can be viewed/done.

Event Gallery

Event Name Requirement Extra Info
Burning Ambition Start a playthrough as a free officer.
Building a Nation Raise banner as a vagabond unit.
Succession Have your ruler pass the position to you.
Confession Have an officer of the opposite gender propose to you. Also works if you confess to them.
Sacred Vows Hold a marriage ceremony after confessing or being confessed to. When officers confess to you, you can choose to accept their confession, but not the wedding ceremony (you need to do this for the trophy). If you confess the officer will always say yes resulting in this event.
A Sworn Oath Speak to an officer with an A friendship rating and choose sworn sibling. If you are the same gender as the officer or already have a spouse they can possibly ask you to be sworn siblings.
Living in Exile Betray (Prefect) or Rebel (Marshal) against your ruler and lose.
A Skilled Assassin Complete the Assassination quest to kill a ruler. Assassinate the unit captain » Assassinate the officer » Assassinate the regional lord » Assassinate the ruler.
The Opportunist Complete the Infiltrate quest to infiltrate a treasury. Infiltrate the trader's house » Infiltrate the merchant's house » Infiltrate the armory » Infiltrate the official residence » Infiltrate the vault » Infiltrate the treasury. Must be a vagabond unit.
Perfect Mercenaries Complete the Rescue quest given by a ruler. Rescue the caravan » Rescue the transport unit » Rescue the officers » Rescue the village » Rescue the city. Need to be a vagabond unit.
The Warrior's Peak Complete the Extermination quest given by a ruler. Slay the wolves/tigers » Slay the great wolves/fierce tigers » Repel the bandits » Defeat the officers » Defeat the vagabond unit. Must have any of following characters in your vagabond unit, you will not get this if you are in control of one without another. Zhang Liao, Xu Huang, Pang De, Yu Jin, Gan Ning, Taishi Ci, Lu Meng, Zhao Yun, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Xiahou Ba, Wen Yang, Lu Bu, Meng Huo, Lu Lingqi.
A Trusted Guardian Complete the Escort quest given by a ruler. Escort the caravan to the designated spot » Escort the transport unit to the designated spot » Escort the officer(s) to the designated spot » Escort the regional lord to the designated spot » Escort the ruler to the designated spot.
Mountain Bandits Complete 5 Raid quests. Raid the caravan, Raid the merchants or Raid the armory.
On to the Final Battle Enter the last battle to unify the land. Happens on the last territory or territory chain you invade to unify the land.
Land of Plenty Have 15 territories or have 6 Weapon Forges, Academies or Item Shops.
Pure Capitalism Have at least 15 territories under you control with over 50,000 gold on hand. If the event above was gained when you had 15 territories you will get this at 20. Good virtue rulers will only see half of this event which will still count towards the entire event.
Plots & Schemes Rebel (Marshal) against your ruler and win. You cannot get this event if you betray your ruler and win while you are a prefect.

Event Battles

For these battles to happen none of the mention characters are allowed to be replaced by a CaW, also these will not happen on the month of a War Council.

Yellow Turban Rebellion

Scenario: Yellow Turban Rebellion
Player is not Zhang Jiao or He Jin
Player is in any faction except Yellow Turbans
There are more than 3 nations on the map
Zhang Jiao has 3+ areas while He Jin has 1 area
3+ turns have passed

Battle of Hulao Gate

Scenario: The Alliance Against Dong Zhuo
Player must not be Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu, Hua Xiong, Yuan Shao or Sun Jian
Player has joined any faction other than Dong Zhuo or Yuan Shao
Lu Bu and Hua Xiong are in Dong Zhuo faction
There are more than 3 nations on the map
Dong Zhuo controls Luoyang and Chang'an, Yuan Shao/Sun Jian controls at least 1 or more areas
3+ turns have passed

Battle of Guandu

Scenario: Battle of Guandu
Player is not Yuan Shao, Yan Liang, Cao Cao, Guan Yu or Xu You
Player is in Cao Cao faction
Yan Liang and Xu You are in Yuan Shao faction and Guan Yu is in Cao Cao faction
Yuan Shao controls Ye, Cao Cao controls Xuchang
Yuan Shao and Cao Cao are not allied
6+ turns have passed

Battle of Chibi

Scenario: Battle of Chibi
Player is not Sun Quan, Huang Gai, Zhuge Liang or Cao Cao
Player is in Cao Cao, Sun Quan or Liu Bei faction. Cao Cao faction and Sun Quan + Liu Bei events are different so have to play twice to see both events
Huang Gai must be in Sun Quan faction, Zhuge Liang in Liu Bei faction
Cao Cao must be controlling Xiangyang, Sun Quan controls Hefei plus one or more areas
Cao Cao and Sun Quan are not allied
Liu Bei and Cao Cao are not allied
9+ turns have passed

Capture of Chengdu

Scenario: Coup d'etat
Player is not Sima Zhao or Liu Shan
Player is in Sima Yi faction
Liu Shan faction has more than one NPC
There are more than 3 nations on map
Sima Yi controls Tianshui, Liu Shan controls Chengdu plus 1 other area
Sima Yi and Liu Shan are not allied
12+ turns have passed