Wei Stage 4 - Defense of Fan Castle

Objective Effect
Protect Wei officers from the flood attack Unlocks Pacification of Jing Province

To successfully complete this Weis form of the flood attack must happen. Wu officers will get close to Fan Castle which will cause Guan Yu to send messengers to the Wu camp, defeat all three of these then lure all Wu officers into Fan Castle. Afterward make your way to the floodgate and defeat Guan Suo to activate the Flood attack. If anyone is defeat before you can do the flood attack you will not get the star.

Wu Stage 6 - Pursuit at Yiling

Objective Effect
Defeat Zhao Yun before the fire attack Unlocks Defense of Jiangling

After defeating the three officers around the main camp simply make your way straight to Zhao Yun and defeat him.

Shu Stage 4 - Defense of Mt. Dingjun

Objective Effect
Win without Liu Bei being injured Unlocks Revenge at Yiling

Quickly make your way to Liu Bei when the battle starts and save him, once Fa Zhengs plan of using Liu Bei as bait occurs you shouldn't have to worry about Liu Bei being injured.

Jin Stage 5 - Escape from Chengdu

Objective Effect
Rescue Wen Hu & Deng Zhong Unlocks Pacification of Bashu

When you reach the Central bridge area during your escape jump down and defeat the tigers, if you don't do this Wen Hu will die by the time you can reach him normally usually by the time you save Deng Zhong.

Jin Stage 6 - Pacification of Bashu

Objective Effect
Get all unsure officers to submit Unlocks Battle of Shangyang

Rescue your allies that are in need of help. At this point some officers will be unsure to continue serving Zhong Hui and Jiang Wei will send out three messengers (named Assassin), defeat them then defeat the officers who were unsure. One will go through the bottom of the map to reach Ju An while two will try heading out of the castle be sure to get the one going south last.