Lu Bu Star Objectives

Stage 2 - Gateway from Hulao Gate

Successfully rescuing Hua Xiong will affect The Battle of Dingtao.

After defeating Chen Gong you will have the choice of either defending the carriage or saving Hua Xiong head straight for Hua Xiong.

Stage 3 - Uprising at Chang'an

Ensuring Wang Yun's safety will effect The Battle of Dingtao.
Taming all tigers will enable the stage Battle of Changshan to be unlocked.

Lead Wang Yun to the bridge for him to raise it leaving Dong Zhuo unable to escape. After Dong Zhuo is killed make sure to run near Wang Yun so that he will hide himself, if you do not do this the moment enemy troops make their way to him he will die.

For the tigers go to the highlighted areas and defeat all tigers to tame them.

Stage 3x - Battle of Changshan

Rescuing Yuan Shao's forces three times will effect The Battle of Dingtao.

After defeating all of the forces near the main camp stay near Yuan Shao to save him whenever he gets in trouble, the only time you should leave his side is when Gongsun Zan & Gongsun Xu attempt to attack the main camp.

Stage 5 - Battle of Dingtao

Complete all of the conditions all open the hypothetical route.

Have all objectives complete when you reach this point in the story and talk to Hua Xiong for the Hypothetical route.

Historical Stage 7 - Battle of Shouchun

Successfully persuading Zhang Fei will cause Yuan Shu to appear as reinforcements in the Showdown at Xiapi.

Zhang Fei will appear near the bottom left of the map after he gets frustrated with being at the main camp to defend it, there is a ladder near the area you can climb to reach him quickly before he breaks all of Yuan Shu's pots.