Stage 1 - Escape from Luoyang

Objective Changes & Effect
Defeat Lu Gong before he reaches the escape point. Unlocks Battle of Liang Province and enables Sun Jian to appear in later battles.

Follow the instructions until Sun Jian to gives the signal to attack the castle from side. Make sure you are at the East gate before it's open to have the best possible amount of time to rush Zhang Hu to lower the bridge and catch up to Lu Gong before he can start his retreat.

Stage 3 - The Little Conqueror in Peril

Objective Changes & Effect
Defeat Xiahou Dun and Gan Ji before reaching the escape point. Unlocks Defeat Gan Ji.

This can only be done after the event where Sun Ce is wounded, this is best done as either Sun Quan or Zhou Tai. Immediately go to the base in the top left defeating Cao Ren to open the door then defeat Xiahou Dun inside, afterward backtrack to where Sun Ce got injured and defeat Gan Ji.

Stage 3X - Defeat Gan Ji

Objective Changes & Effect
Destroy the source of Gan Ji's sorcery. Enables Sun Ce to appear in later battles.

When the two forces join up near the Throne room after a fire attack head to the room in the Northwest corner outside of the castle to destroy the urn.

Stage 5 - Battle of Nanjun

Objective Changes & Effect
Successfully completing the decoy strategy. Enables Zhou Yu to appear in later battles.

The difficulty depends on if you use Zhou Yu or Lu Meng/Lu Su

Zhou Yu

You will be the decoy in the area in front of the base where Zhou Yu got shot with an arrow, stay there until Lu Meng/Lu Su make their way around back to prepare the surprise attack by delivering a fake message Li Dian will fall for, defeat him. Next follow Lu Meng/Lu Su to the East however when they jump down the bridge do not follow and keep going until you get to a giant tower base that you must destroy. After destroying it enter the marked base and defeat the officer to taunt Xiahou Yuan and Zhang He to fight him, defeat them.

Stage 6 - Battle of Jing Province

Objective Changes & Effect
Leading Lu Su to Jing Province Castle. Enables Lu Su to appear in later battles.

It is recommended to play as Lu Su since the AI will take too long to reach the castle in time.

Stage 7 - Battle of Hefei

Objective Changes & Effect
Complete all star objective of previous stages. Enables Zhou Yu to appear unlocking the Hypothetical route.

Have all objectives complete when you reach this point in the story and talk to Zhou Yu for the Hypothetical route.

Stage 9 - Battle of Fan Castle

Objective Changes & Effect
Prevent Lu Meng from sustaining injuries. Enables Lu Meng to appear in later battles.

This can only be achieved by playing as Lu Meng since the AI will usually take the Southern route which will kill Lu Meng at the end of the battle.

At the start of the battle Fushi Ren and Mi Fang will start retreating, make sure you defeat them straightaway. By doing so this will make them defect to your side which can provide and show you the safe entry to Guan Yus camp. Follow all of the missions correctly including to stop the flood attack. After doing them Fushi Ren will start talking about entering the Northern part of the entrance to Guan Yus camp.

Historical Stage 10 - Battle of Yiling

Objective Changes & Effect
Ensure Gan Ning's survival and defeat Shamoke. Unlocks Battle of Guangling and enables Gan Ning to appear in later battles.

Follow missions normally until Gan Ning asks if he has no special order given to him and starts wandering, follow him closely. He will be locked in a base and Shamoke will appear, defeat Shamoke to save him. Take note that even with high morale, Gan Ning will (surprisingly) die if he fights alone.

Hypothetical Stage 8 - Pursuit at Shouchun

Objective Changes & Effect
Defeating Zhang Liao before Ding Feng can be isolated. Enables Ding Feng to appear in later battles.

Stay with Ding Feng the entire time, Jia Xu will eventually attack the main camp ignore it. When someone talks about suspicious activity defeat the enemy officers that jump down from the cliff. After defeating some Zhang Liao will open the castle gates and make his way towards Ding Feng, defeat him.

Hypothetical Stage 9 - Defense of Jiangxia

Objective Changes & Effect
Protecting the defensive lines. Unlocks Assault at Xinye.

Rush to Guan Yu and Zhang Feis position and defeat them, after a cutscene Wang Yi will appear near you in the West defeat her, this counts as the West side defended. Immediately go to the Eastern garrisons and defeat Xu Huang this will count as the East side defended. Head to Xiahou Duns position and defeat all officers in his area, this will count as the Center defended.

Hypothetical Stage 9X - Assault at Xinye

Objective Changes & Effect
Quickly breaking through the battlefield. Enables Xiaoqiao to appear in later battles.

This is very easy to star, mainly defeat every officer that appears quickly.