Stage 1 - Escape from Luoyang

Objective Changes & Effect
Defeat Lu Bu before reaching the escape point. Changes Lu Bus dialogue against players character at Battle of Hulao Gate.

This objective can't be done on the first playthrough unless you have a super powerful weapon to one shot him. If you are quick with retreating from him he will lose interest when you reach the Ballista training area where Chen Gong is at, defeat him before you reach that point.

Stage 4 - Battle of Xu Province

Objective Changes & Effect
Defeat Tao Qian before he escapes the battle. Unlocks Battle of Puyang.
Battle of Xu Province

This objective is hard. Equipping a Man-affinity weapon can help stalling Tao Qian. Refer to the map to use the following waypoints:

  • Equip a Man-affinity weapon.
  • Destroy the boulder devices.
  • When entering the forest and Guo Jia will ask for you to scout, take the darkened path on the map marked 1 and 2. Defeat Yin Li at 2.
  • From this point, conserve musou and only use it to sprint.
  • Tao Qian will call the ambush troops. Xu Province Castle South Gate will open.
  • Defeat Lu You and Cao Bao at 3. Try to defeat them during all the long dialogue.
  • Tao Qian will set fire, only then the Southern Room West Gate at 4 will open. This is where the chase begins. By this point, Tao Qian will most likely at TQ.
  • Sprint to 5 and defeat Mi Zhu
  • Go to 6 and defeat Cheng Deng and Kong Rong
  • With minimum time spent on killing all enemy officers, Tao Qian can be defeated at 7.
  • Upon reaching 8, Tao Qian will most likely be near Liu Bei. If Liu Bei greets Tao Qian, there is still a few seconds to finish him off. Defeat Tao Qian at 8.

Stage 6 - Battle of Wan Castle

Objective Changes & Effect
Rescue Cao Ang and Cao Anmin. Enables Cao Ang and Cao Anmin to appear in future battles.
Failing to rescue Cao Ang and Cao Anmin. Unlocks Battle of Xiapi.
Helping Dian Wei survive. Enables Dian Wei to appear in future battles.

This is the only stage in the entire game that must be played twice to fulfill all objectives. Failing to rescue Cao Ang and Cao Anmin can be easily achieved by heading straight to the opened castle gate after defeating Zhang Xian.

It is recommended to play as Dian Wei to rescue them and to make sure he survives the battle. Do not leave the castle when you defeat Zhang Xian destroy the ballista nearby and make your way around the East to save both Cao Ang and Cao Anmin, rescuing them will help Dian Wei survive after battle.

Stage 8 - Battle of Mt. Bailang

Objective Changes & Effect
Escort Guo Jia to safety. Enables Guo Jia to appear in future battles.

Follow the battle normally until the order to split the forces is given, if playing as Zhang Liao you will going the same route Guo Jia will go which is the East, simply go ahead of him to ensure his safety, if not playing as Zhang Liao follow Guo Jias route to keep him safe.

Stage 9 - Battle of Xinye

Objective Changes & Effect
Defeat Xu Shu before rescuing Cao Ren. Enables Xu Shu to appear in future battles.

Jia Xu will guide you through the Eight Gates Formation follow his orders exactly. When you reach the point where going North will lead to Cao Ren ignore it and keep going till you get to the intersection leading to the South exit and defeat Xu Shu, then Save Cao Ren.

Stage 10 - Battle of Chibi

Objective Changes & Effect
Complete all star objective of previous stages. Enables Guo Jia to appear unlocking the Hypothetical route.

Have all objectives complete when you reach this point in the story and talk to Guo Jia for the Hypothetical route.

Historical Stage 13 - Battle of Mt. Dingjun

Objective Changes & Effect
Defeat Huang Zhong before he captures Mt. Tiandang. Enables Xiahou Yuan to appear in future battles.

Huang Zhong will appear after the attack on the main camp by Zhang Bao, Ma Dai and Zhao Yun. Using characters other than Xiahou Yuan will result in him intercepting Huang Zhong. This considerably slows Huang Zhongs progress.

Allowing Huang Zhong to take Mt. Tiandang will trigger a different event. Take note that if the morale bar leans toward Wei, Huang Zhong has a chance to fail to capturing Mt. Tiandang.

Historical Stage 14 - Battle of Fan Castle

Objective Changes & Effect
Rescue Pang De before he retreats. Effects ending cutscene after the battle.

Pang De will be relatively safe until Shu plans to use a flood attack which is when he will be in danger, rescue him before he gets defeated.

Hypothetical Stage 11 - Campaign for Jian Ye

Objective Changes & Effect
Force 5 supporters to surrender. Prevents reinforcements from arriving in Uprising in Xuchang.

Very straightforward. Just defeat all Wu officers in the castle before defeating Sun Quan.