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Dynasty Warriors 8 Miscellaneous Information

This guide was made by Buster WolfBuster Wolf. These are miscellaneous information that do not fit to become a standalone guide.

Ambition Mode


6 special animals are given in ambition mode that cannot be found normally, these are how you obtain them.
Animal Type Method
Shadow Runner Riding Clear 30 consecutive stages.
Hex Mark Riding Clear 30 consecutive stages after acquiring Shadow Runner.
Red Hare Riding Clear 30 consecutive stages after acquiring Hex Mark.
War Elephant Riding Clear 100 consecutive stages.
Golden Panda Companion Blacksmith, Teahouse, Barracks and Merchant at level 50 and also have all 790 allies.
Harrier Companion Raise all facilities to level 50, you don't need all allies.

When you finish building the Tonquetais main 4 facilities the Emperor will visit you and give you the special 1 star gold Sword Emperor's Blade.

XL and Complete

If you've finished Ambition Mode in the Original, a Minister will visit your town giving you access to a second version of Ambition Mode which acts more like a war compared to previous version. Note that this will make a large portion of your allies become free officers and you will have to collect them all again. As you conquer regions the Emperor that visited you will give you a special weapon with a unique name and effect, unlike the Emperor's Blade which is a gold weapon these are all 1st weapons with a unique name and skill attached to it.

Weapon Name Weapon Type Skill Effect
Treasure Pike Pike Battleaxe Every 50 kills grants x2 Attack effect.
Treasure Spear Spear Armor Sleeve Every 50 kills grants x2 Defense effect.
Treasure Bow Bow War Shoes Every 50 kills grants Speed increase effect.
Treasure Axe Axe Rakshasa Health decreases, but attack increases as KO's increases.
Treasure Sword Great Sword Shining Warrior Attack increases with more allies around.
Treasure Fan Iron Fan Battleaxe, Armor Sleeve, War Shoes, Rakshasa, Shining Warrior

Challenge Mode

Added in Xtreme Legends there are 5 different courses you can pick. Each course will have the effect of the weapon skill throughout the entire course. At certain intervals a Weapon Element Gem will spawn during the battle that you can pick up, at the end of the course you will get a random weapon with the weapon skill that corresponds to it.

Course Skill Effect
Rampage Gale Attack increase as KO count goes up.
Bridge Melee Comet Knockback attacks increase distance enemy is sent flying.
Speed Run Thunderclap Will not flinch while running.
Arena Efflorescence Switch Counter buff extends in duration.
Inferno Conflagration Enemies will explode shortly after being knocked back.


Fast leveling

For this you will need:

  • Battle of Baidi Castle (Wei Hypothetical stage, Wei side) unlocked
  • A pair of Throwing Axes

Take out the 2 enemy generals who initiate the fire attack. Afterward make your way to Yueyings area and defeat her. There will be 2 spots where Juggernauts will infinitely spawn (though stop during dialogue) one in the Southeast corner and the other near the West gate. Pick a spot (Southeast preferred) and keep attacking it with Throwing Axe's Charge 6. The amount of KO's it takes from Level 30 to Level 99 is roughly 2500 Juggernauts if you have a high level Quick Learner skill, which should be around 15 minutes from a fresh character.

This will work for everyone except for Xu Shu as he will use the Juggernauts when he makes his way there. In XL and the Complete Edition this trick will not work.

Things to pay attention:

  • Even on beginner, the stage is not fit for a Level 1 character. Have at least a Level 15 character.
  • The perfect time to do the farming is when the catapults are built and the central area cleared. As long as the gate isn't destroyed, the game will pause there.
  • Xu Shu might advance using the Southern route. You can prevent him from seeing the juggernaut by opening the Southern garrison gate and defeating Ma Chao and everyone around the vicinity before he arrives. Additionally he will not go South if the Arbalests blocking the path to the center haven't been destroyed when he starts to move.
  • When Zhang Fei and Guan Yu move, defeat them if you can. There's a small chance that they will decimate your officers and engineers that make the catapult. If your engineer's are dead without any catapult built, the main gate will be opened, ruining the chance to farm.
  • This trick is doable in 2 Player, but by how the Playstation 3 handles the rendering, it is more difficult to perform, especially since you must keep only the Juggernaut visible on your screen, or else it won't infinitely respawn.

Quick Battles for Gold weapons

For this you will need:

  • Capture of Wei (Shu Hypothetical stage, Wei side)

Difficulty doesn't matter though Chaos is recommended, this stage has a fair amount of playable generals and can be finished in under 3 minutes with a lot of chances at getting a gold weapon.