Shu Weapons

Zhao Yun

EX Weapon: Dragon Spear
Weapon Name and Skills: Heavenly Dragon - Slash: 10, Roar: 9, Flurry: 9, Morass: 8
Stage: Battle of Yiling
Requirement: Prevent the Wu forces plot and defeat Ling Tong, Gan Ning, and Zhou Tai within 9 minutes of Liu Bei giving the order to begin.

Rather tricky one to get, when the battle starts Liu Bei will disappear heading East. Head into the forest and defeat as many ambushes as you can until Han Dang starts marching for the fire attack and quickly shift your attention to him. When Liu Bei is found rescue him, a couple of minutes later Wu reinforcements will arrive, look for Gan Ning, Ling Tong and Zhou Tai and personally defeat them. Be careful not to kill Sun Quan near Zhou Tai before getting the weapon.

Guan Yu

EX Weapon: Crescent Blade
Weapon Name and Skills: Godly Dragon - Cyclone: 10, Morass: 9, Enlightenment: 9, Uplift: 8
Stage: Battle of Hulao Gate
Requirement: Defeat Hua Xiong and Lu Bu within 14 minutes of starting the battle.

Very lenient time limit. Hua Xiong will appear after you save Yuan Shu and Lu Bu will appear when the catapults by Hulao Gate are destroyed.

Zhang Fei

EX Weapon: Double Pike
Weapon Name and Skills: Heaven's Venom - Slash: 10, Recovery: 9, Swiftness, Spurt: 8
Stage: Battle of Changban
Requirement: Defeat Jia Xu without having a single peasant escape.

For this weapon complete all objectives normally until you are told to head to the Southeast ridge, ignore this objective and locate where Jia Xu is and wait by the area where the level originally started to meet up with him.

Zhuge Liang

EX Weapon: War Fan
Weapon Name and Skills: Emerald Wing - Inferno: 10, Velocity: 9, Protection: 9, Awareness
Stage: Battle of Chibi
Requirement: Prevent the Wei officers from entering the prayer ceremony location until the ceremony is complete.

Very simple task, just defeat all enemy officers that are in the corner near the prayer ceremony location. Though a bit of dialogue happens after the success of the prayer Sima Yi's ship arriving will not have you losing the weapon.

Liu Bei

EX Weapon: Twin Swords
Weapon Name and Skills: Heavenly Swords - Thunder: 10, Flurry: 9, Fear: 9, Greed
Stage: Defense of Xu Province
Requirement: Prevent Zhang Liao and Xu Huang from entering Xu Province Castle and defeat all of the fire attack units before they can set the fire attack.

When the stage begins complete the missions in the normal order, when the boulder devices are activated make your way to the North path where Xu Huang will begin marching towards the castle. When you defeat him go to Guan Yu's location and defeat Zhang Liao, while dialogue is happening make your way to the 4 way intersection and stand there till Guo Jia orders the fire attack unit to attack the castle and boulder device. Defeat Zhu Guang to stop the fire attack on the boulder devices and the torch troops to stop the fire attack on the castle.

Ma Chao

EX Weapon: Spear
Weapon Name and Skills: Emerald Spear - Frost: 10, Jolt: 9, Spurt: 9, Fury
Stage: Ambush at Chang'an
Requirement: Find the maiden's sister within 5 minutes of starting the battle.

Rather simple task, once the gates are opened defeat Han Yao and Yang Ling, you will get the treasure message here even though there are two more officers to beat to open the door to the Handmaidens sister.

Huang Zhong

EX Weapon: Bow
Weapon Name and Skills: Demon Hunter - Inferno: 10, Desperation, Jolt: 9, Enlightenment: 8
Stage: Battle of Mt. Dingjun
Requirement: Defeat Cao Zhen, Wang Yi, Xu Huang, Cao Zhang, and Du Xi, then arrive at Mt. Tiandang before the Wei forces main unit arrives.

This is basically Huang Zhong's objective for the stage, the time limit is rather generous. You will get the treasure message before you launch the surprise attack on Wei's Camp.

Wei Yan

EX Weapon: Double Voulge
Weapon Name and Skills: Hellish Voulge - Thunder: 10, Recovery: 9,Uplift: 9, Spurt: 8
Stage: Battle at Wuzhang Plains
Requirement: Defeat Sima Shi and Sima Zhao within 12 minutes of starting the battle.

Complete all objectives till the point where the retreat starts, when the order to retreat is given make sure to beat both messengers. The quicker both messengers are defeat the quicker the main gates will open where Sima Shi and Sima Zhao will start making their way to your main camp.

Guan Ping

EX Weapon: Great Sword
Weapon Name and Skills: Soaring Dragon - Venom: 10, Recovery: 9, Enlightenment: 9, Protection: 8
Stage: Pacification at Nanzhong
Requirement: Defeat Yang Feng and capture the catapult support base within 5 minutes of starting the battle.

Pretty lenient time limit, simply defeat Yang Feng by circling around from the main camp to his location from the West to reach him.

Pang Tong

EX Weapon: Shadow Fan
Weapon Name and Skills: Leader's Fan - Cyclone: 10, Recovery: 9, Chain: 9, Jolt: 8
Stage: Battle of Chengdu
Requirement: Carry out the surprise attack and capture Luo Castle within 5 minutes of starting the battle.

His objective for this stage will lead him straight to Luo Castle from its East side, you can choose to discover Zhang Ren or not before making your way in. To capture Luo Castle you need to defeat Leng Bao, Wang Fu, Deng Xian.


EX Weapon: Dagger-axe
Weapon Name and Skills: Destruction - Cyclone: 10, Vigor: 9, Velocity: 9, Spurt: 8
Stage: Battle of Jieting
Requirement: Defeat 300 enemies and help Xiang Lang, Gao Xiang, and Liao Hua to retreat to the Shu forces main camp within 5 minutes of starting the battle.

A little time extensive due to how quick you need to be on saving your allies. As long as you have a weapon that can get KOs and kill officers fast this should be easy.

Jiang Wei

EX Weapon: Double-Edge Trident
Weapon Name and Skills: Qilin Trident - Flash: 10, Barricade: 9, Whirlwind: 9, Desperation
Stage: Invasion of Luoyang
Requirement: Escape Luoyang Castle within 10 minutes of the Luoyang main gates closing.

Time is pretty lenient, just do the missions given normally and you will get this weapon before you have to defeat Sima Zhao to open the bridge to be able to regroup your forces.


EX Weapon: Sword & Shield
Weapon Name and Skills: Heavenly Set - Cyclone: 10, Jolt: 9, Explosive: 9, Resolve
Stage: Capture of Tianshui
Requirement: Capture both Anding and Nan'an before Jiang Wei can reach them.

Follow the missions normally until you get to where you have to defeat Jiang Wei for the first time. During the resulting dialogue make your way to Anding castle by defeating all troops in Han Yao's base and rushing to defeat Cui Liang. Afterward attack Xue Ze's base to set up the rams to open Nan'ans gate, Pan Sui will attempt to stop the rams, defeat him. When Nan'ans gate are open rush to Yan Ling and defeat him.

Liu Shan

EX Weapon: Rapier
Weapon Name and Skills: Verdant Thrust - Inferno: 10, Awe: 9, Rigidity, Uplift: 8
Stage: Capture of Wei
Requirement: Defeat Zhang Liao, Li Dian, and Yue Jin within 10 minutes of starting the battle.

Following the mission normally will lead you to their location. When you get to the part to take ladders to get around Arbalest destroy enough so that your forces can travel to the Central Square.

Ma Dai

EX Weapon: Brush
Weapon Name and Skills: Heavenly Brush - Cyclone: 10, Recovery: 9, Roar: 9, Morass: 8
Stage: Battle of Wuzhang Plains
Requirement: Complete the retreat without a single Shu officer being defeated.

Officers defeated before the retreat starts will not count towards this objective, when given the option to defeat the messengers or let them go it doesn't matter what you choose to do, though defeating both messengers and pursuit units will get you the treasure message faster.

Guan Suo

EX Weapon: Nunchaku
Weapon Name and Skills: Storm Wave - Venom: 10, Enlightenment: 9, Barricade: 9, Rigidity
Stage: Battle of Fan Castle (Historical)
Requirement: Personally defeat all of the Wu officers within 5 minutes after the Wu forces arrive.

In Free mode Hypothetical must be set off, in Story mode you must speak to Guan Ping.

The events of the stage will lead you to the Southeast spot on the map as a retreat point. The amount of Wu officers is 9 and you must personally defeat all of them. Make sure to collect the weapon before you beat Cao Ren as he is the final enemy commander.

Bao Sanniang

EX Weapon: Spinner
Weapon Name and Skills: Deadly Gale - Thunder: 10, Roar: 9, Frenzy: 9, Agility
Stage: Pacification of Nanzhong
Requirement: Defeat Meng Huo, after he appears in the center of the battlefield, within 8 minutes of starting the battle.

Do the missions normally until you are told to go around the West of the poisonous swamp, ignore this and go through the small open path to the center which will trigger text from Lu Su followed by Meng Huo's appearance.

Xu Shu

EX Weapon: Sword & Hook
Weapon Name and Skills: Dispersion Blade - Cyclone: 10, Rigidity, Barricade: 9, Frenzy: 8
Stage: Battle of Xinye
Requirement: Defeat Cao Ren, Yue Jin, Li Dian, and Zhang He within 8 minutes of starting the battle.

To reach Cao Ren you will have to follow Xu Shu's advice on how to traverse the Eight Gates formation. Zhang He is in the room directly East of Cao Ren's position and while you were traversing the Eight Gates Formation Yue Jin and Li Dian will go for you main camp.

Zhang Bao

EX Weapon: Flail Sword
Weapon Name and Skills: Dragonspeak - Cyclone: 10, Recovery: 9, Awe: 9, Resolve
Stage: Battle of Lukou
Requirement: Prevent all of the enemy fire attacks within 7 minutes of starting the battle.

You will need to be quick and go directly to each highlighted area to defeat the officer in charge of fire attacks. If you do this fast enough you will get the treasure message before you have to distract Lu Xun.

Guan Xing

EX Weapon: Wingblades
Weapon Name and Skills: Golden Dragon - Inferno: 10, Frenzy: 9, Desperation, Jolt: 8
Stage: Battle of Chencang
Requirement: Defeat Xiahou Wei before word of the Wei forces' infiltration of the castle can spread.

Rather simple to get, complete all objectives until you are told to capture a Wei Armory, purposely let yourself get seen by Xiahou Wei in the East side of the castle, he will jump down to fight you himself.

Guan Yinping

EX Weapon: Dual-Headed Mace
Weapon Name and Skills: Dragon Smasher - Inferno: 10, Fear: 9, Chain: 9, Roar: 8
Stage: Battle of Fan Castle (Hypothetical)
Requirement: Personally defeat all of the Wu officers within 4 minutes of the arrival of the Wu forces.

In Free mode Hypothetical must be set on, in Story mode you must speak to Xu Shu.

Follow the missions until where you have to defend the front of Fan Castle from Wei forces, after you defeat the last one quickly make your way to the Southeast part of the map and make sure to personally defeat all 10 Wu officers.

Note: Some officers will run past you which may lead them to be defeated by an ally later if you don't keep track of them.

Fa Zheng

EX Weapon: Woven Cloth
Stage: Defense of Mt. Dingjun
Weapon Name and Skills: Apparition Cloth - Cyclone: 10, Morass: 9, Survival: 9, Harmony: 8
Requirement: Successfully carry out the plan within 8 minutes of starting the battle.

Immediately head for Liu Bei's position on the map from the start of the battle defeating any officers in your way outside of the main camp. After you have rescued Liu Bei go back to the main camp and take out a couple officers to give them more time to breath while you are waiting for Liu Bei to lure Wei officers. When Liu Bei has lured them far enough help Xingcai and Zhao Yun take out the officer they were fighting to lay ballista units. You get the treasure message after Liu Bei has gone back to the main camp.