Wu Weapons

Zhou Yu

EX Weapon: Staff
Weapon Name and Skills: Crimson Cloud - Slash: 10, Aggression (Same Affinity = Attack up): 9, Morass: 9, Jolt: 8
Stage: Battle of Nanjun
Requirement: Personally rescue Gan Ning within 5 minutes of starting the battle.

Very simple task, just make sure to defeat the unit attacking your main camp before going to save him.

Lu Xun

EX Weapon: Swallow Swords
Weapon Name and Skills: Crimson Swallow - Cyclone: 10, Survival: 9, Jolt: 9, Uplift: 8
Stage: Battle of Yiling
Requirement: Defeat Liu Bei for the first time within 5 minutes of Lu Xun giving the order after Liu Bei's whereabouts become unknown.

Complete as many early missions as you can to give the main camp some breathing room, when Han Dang is preparing the fire attack follow him to ensure its success. When successful Liu Bei will appear in the road behind where the fire attack happens race to the gate ignoring Ma Dai and defeat Liu Bei.

Sun Shangxiang

EX Weapon: Wheels
Weapon Name and Skills: Princess Wheels - Inferno: 10, Thorns: 9, Awe: 9, Enlightenment: 8
Stage: Battle of Xiangyang
Requirement: Launch an assault on Xiangyang Castle and defeat Lu Gong within 2 minutes from when Sun Jian gives the order to attack.

You will need to be very quick with this preferably if you can take officers down very quick. When Sun Jian orders to storm the castle make sure you are at the East gate before it's open to have the best possible amount of time to rush Zhang Hu to lower the bridge and catch up to Lu Gong before he can start his retreat.

Gan Ning

EX Weapon: Flail
Weapon Name and Skills: Godly Flail - Venom: 10, Resolve, Induction: 9, Velocity: 8
Stage: Battle of Hefei (Hypothetical)
Requirement: Defeat Li Dian and Yue Jin before the ram is destroyed.

In Free mode Hypothetical must be set on, in Story mode you must speak to Zhou Yu.

Follow every mission and this will be easy to get with a good officer killing weapon when your forces reach the gate the ram is needed for.

Sun Jian

EX Weapon: Nine Rings Blade
Weapon Name and Skills: Imperial Tiger - Inferno: 10, Aggression (Same Affinity = Attack up): 9, Thorns: 9, Resolve
Stage: Assault on Xuchang
Requirement: Carry out the fire attack within 12 minutes of starting the battle.

Very lenient time limit. You will act as a decoy so Lu Xun can go around back, you will need to kill Wang Yi to prevent Zhang Liao from going to Lu Xun. When you get under the castle via the pond you need to deal the final blow on whichever is left alive between Li Dian and Yue Jin.

Taishi Ci

EX Weapon: Twin Rods
Weapon Name and Skills: Demon Rods - Slash: 10, Aggression (Musou damage): 9, Rigidity, Thorns: 8
Stage: Pursuit at Shouchun
Requirement: Defeat Jia Xu's unit before it can enter the Wu forces' main camp.

A pretty simple task. Jia Xu along with two officers will go for Wu's main camp from the South entrance.

Lu Meng

EX Weapon: Pike
Weapon Name and Skills: Crimson Fury - Cyclone: 10, Jubilation: 9, Survival: 9, Triumph: 8
Stage: Battle of Fan Castle
Requirement: Defeat Guan Yu for the first time within 3 minutes of starting the battle.

Defeat the Gatekeeper in front of your starting position to open the gate then defeat Guan Yinping to open the second gate. Simply run to where Guan Yu is at and defeat him as fast as you can, does not require a horse.

Huang Gai

EX Weapon: Arm Blade
Weapon Name and Skills: Tiger's Edge - Frost: 10, Agility, Triumph: 9, Explosive: 8
Stage: Battle of Chibi
Requirement: Defeat the 8 officers of the Wei forces' vanguard before they can enter the allied main camp.

This can be a bit hectic to get as you aren't given much breathing room between the officers that will rush to the main camp at the start of the battle. You must personally defeat all the officers.

Zhou Tai

EX Weapon: Curved Sword
Weapon Name and Skills: Void - Thunder: 10, Explosive: 9, Jubilation: 9, Aggression (Musou damage): 8
Stage: Battle of Shiting
Requirement: Defeat Sima Shi and Sima Zhao within 2 minutes and 30 seconds after the success of Zhou Fang's false surrender plot.

One thing to remember during this is do not do missions ahead of time as you will be noticed which will cause the plot to fail and with it the weapon. Timing can be very tight with this weapon, when waiting for Cao Xiu to be lured into the castle stay to the left side of the bridge before the fire attack happens, the timer starts once Zhou Fang speaks when Cao Xiu enters.

Ling Tong

EX Weapon: Three-Sectional Staff
Weapon Name and Skills: Raging Winds - Inferno: 10, Desperation, Explosive: 9, Thorns: 8
Stage: Battle of Ruxukou
Requirement: Capture all of the Wei garrisons within 5 minutes and 40 seconds of Lu Meng giving the order to take them.

Speed is of the essence, as soon as you take a garrison immediately move to the next one.

Sun Ce

EX Weapon: Tonfa
Weapon Name and Skills: Conqueror's Roar - Flash: 10, Vigor: 9, Induction: 9, Aggression (Musou damage): 8
Stage: Conquest of Wujun
Requirement: Defeat Taishi Ci twice within 5 minutes of starting the battle.

Force Taishi Ci to come out by capturing 3 of the indicated bases. After defeating him Ze Rong and Xue Li will open the gate and attempt to stop you, defeat them. As you continue South Taishi Ci will appear again for the second time.

Sun Quan

EX Weapon: Sword
Weapon Name and Skills: Emperor's Might - Flash: 10, Velocity: 9, Vigor: 9, Protection: 8
Stage: Battle of Liang Province
Requirement: Defeat Ma Chao, Ma Dai, and Han Sui without a single officer of Wu being defeated.

Zhu Zhi and Cheng Pu tend to die very quickly if you don't defeat the Unit Commanders that engage them in combat. When you have cleared out the West and East corridors go down to Sun Jian's area and clear out the officers there. Ma Chao and Ma Dai will appear on the West side of the map Ma Chao at the top, Ma Dai in the center while Han Sui appears in the East in the center.

Note: It is possible to gain this if you defeat Ma Chao and Ma Dai while an ally defeats Han Sui.


EX Weapon: Iron Fan
Weapon Name and Skills: Illusion Fan - Flash: 10, Explosive: 9, Fury, Whirlwind: 8
Stage: Assault at Xianye
Requirement: Rescue the strange animals before Sun Quan can reach the first checkpoint.

You will need to be quick to help the Panda by beating the Wolves and Tigers around it, they can be quite aggressive.


EX Weapon: Pugil Stick
Weapon Name and Skills: Butterfly Staff - Flash: 10, Swiftness, Whirlwind: 9, Spurt: 8
Stage: Defeat Gan Ji
Requirement: Defeat Gan Ji twice within 8 minutes of starting the battle.

Pretty straight forward, when the forces split take the East path which will have you encounter a Sun Jian & Xiaoqiao phantom that you must defeat you should be able to reach Gan Ji's second location even with a decent weapon.

Ding Feng

EX Weapon: Circle Blade
Weapon Name and Skills: Goblin Chakram - Venom: 10, Velocity: 9, Protection: 9, Induction: 8
Stage: Battle Quangling
Requirement: Successfully carry out the surprise attack and defeat Sima Yi within 9 minutes.

Very straight forward in terms of mission structure, even with a decently tempered weapon you should have no trouble, though you may cut it close on time.


EX Weapon: Crossbow
Weapon Name and Skills: Falcon Strike - Venom: 10, Morass: 9, Velocity: 9, Thorns: 8
Stage: Battle of Hefei New Castle
Requirement: Defeat Man Chong before he arrives in the Wu forces' main camp.

Follow the missions normally until you go up against Wang Yi. The moment you defeat her double back while the dialogue is happening to give you a head start on cutting off Man Chong before he can get to your main camp.

Lu Su

EX Weapon: Rake
Weapon Name and Skills: Deadly Incisors - Slash: 10, Thorns: 9, Survival: 9, Fear: 8
Stage: Battle of Runan
Requirement: Defeat Zhang Chunhua and Wang Yuanji within 8 minutes of starting the battle.

A bit lenient on the time limit, as long as you are quick in traversing each section you are forced to go through you should make it to the center area before Lu Meng and Lu Xun. If you do make it there before them clear out enemy officers along there path to get them there quicker.

Han Dang

EX Weapon: Short Pike
Weapon Name and Skills: Stormy Pike - Frost: 10, Explosive: 9, Swiftness, Velocity: 8
Stage: Defense of Jiangxia
Requirement: Successfully maintain the defensive lines without losing either of the Eastern garrisons.

The only kill you need at the start of the battle is the gatekeeper in front of Guan Yu and Zhang Fei's position. When you defeat them Wang Yi will appear, defeat her then immediately head for the Eastern garrisons, if you arrive early Xu Huang will not have moved yet, defeat him to give yourself more time while dialogue is still going. Then go to the center area where Xiahou Dun is at and defeat every officer there.

Zhu Ran

EX Weapon: Flame Bow
Stage: Pursuit at Yiling
Weapon Name and Skills: Firebird Shredder - Inferno: 10, Jubilation: 9, Triumph: 9, Rigidity
Requirement: Defeat Zhang Bao within 15 minutes of starting the battle.

At the start of the battle follow orders and defeat the enemies close to the camp leaving Chen Shi last. When Lu Xun orders for you to escort the Fire Attack Unit do so, but make sure they do not go into the fort where Shamoke will ambush you otherwise they will be prone to dying due to the ballista set up inside that base. There is no rush to get this weapon so take you time.