Wei Weapons

Xiahou Dun

EX Weapon: Podao
Weapon Name and Skills: Demon Slayer - Slash: 10, Chain: 9, Uplift: 9, Awareness
Stage: Battle of Fan Castle
Requirement: Prevent the defection of Yu Jin, Hu Xiu, and Fu Fang before assisting Fan Castle.

All three of these officers are outside the North side of Fan castle. At the beginning of the battle you will be near Hu Xiu and Fu Fang, Yu Jin is to the West of their position.

Dian Wei

EX Weapon: Axe
Weapon Name and Skills: Roaring Axe - Slash: 10, Aggression (Same Affinity = Attack up): 9, Agility, Aggression (Musou damage): 8
Stage: Battle of Wan Castle
Requirement: Escape from Wan Castle within 8 minutes.

Pretty lenient time limit as you'll have plenty of time to make it outside of the castle, you can choose to save Cao Ang and Cao Anmin if you want.

Zhang Liao

EX Weapon: Twin Axes
Weapon Name and Skills: Dragon Axes - Inferno: 10, Barricade: 9, Fury, Velocity: 8
Stage: Battle of Hefei
Requirement: Defeat Zhou Tai and Lu Meng within 12 minutes of starting the battle.

Very straight forward, just follow each objective and you should be able to get it. You will want a powerful weapon for officer killing otherwise you will cut quite close time wise.

Cao Cao

EX Weapon: General's Sword
Weapon Name and Skills: Conqueror's Blade - Flash: 10, Protection: 9, Whirlwind: 9, Roar: 8
Stage: Battle of Baidi Castle
Requirement: Open the gates to Baidi Castle within 14 minutes of starting the battle.

Extremely lenient time limit if you're familiar with the fast level up method for this stage you should have no problem fulfilling the requirement.

Xu Zhu

EX Weapon: Club
Weapon Name and Skills: Bull Club - Flash: 7, Induction: 7, Jolt: 7, Awareness
Stage: Battle of Chibi (Historical)
Requirement: Defeat Gan Ning within 7 minutes of starting the battle.

In Free most Hypothetical must be set off, in Story mode you must speak to Cao Pi.

Defeat Cheng Pu, Zhuge Jin & Lu Su this will cause Southeasterly winds to blow which Huang Gai will take advantage of by ramming the fire ship burning the Wei fleet. Cao Cao will order to retreat to the South which will cause Cai Mao to defect blocking the path. Cao Cao will then suggest to take a boat near the main camp to retreat see him there safely, Taishi Ci will ambush you, defeat him. Gan Ning will then jump onto the boat to battle as it sails.

Xiahou Yuan

EX Weapon: Bow & Rod
Weapon Name and Skills: Bow of Destruction - Cyclone: 10, Aggression (Musou damage): 9, Triumph: 9, Swiftness
Stage: Escape from Luoyang
Requirement: Arrive at the ballista testing grounds without Lu Bu smashing a single gate.

Defeat Li Meng for Lu Bu to start his chase, wait for the dialogue to finish then defeat Li Jue. Let Cao Cao and Xiahou Dun pass through the second gate then wait for Xiahou Yuan to suggest closing the gates to slow Lu Bu's pursuit near Hu Feng then defeat him after the gates are closed. Rush to the ballista testing area where Chen Gong is at.

Xu Huang

EX Weapon: Great Axe
Weapon Name and Skills: Soulcleaver - Frost: 10, Resolve, Vigor: 9, Induction: 8
Stage: Imperial Escort
Requirement: Help the carriage break through the gates within 5 minutes after Yuan Shu seals the gates.

Take out all of the indicated officers to open a path for the Emperor, defeat Yuan Shu to open the gate allowing the Emperor's carriage to pass.

Zhang He

EX Weapon: Claws
Weapon Name and Skills: Elegant Claws - Frost: 10, Spurt: 9, Awareness, Uplift: 8
Stage: Battle of Mt. Dingjun
Requirement: Defeat Zhao Yun, Ma Dai, and Zhang Bao within 8 minutes of starting the battle.

Pretty lenient time limit, Zhang Bao will rush the camp early, Ma Dai will attempt to circle around to strike the main camp and Zhao Yun will advance once Ma Dai is defeated.

Cao Ren

EX Weapon: Spiked Shield
Weapon Name and Skills: Talon Wall - Venom: 10, Frenzy: 9, Greed, Jubilation: 8
Stage: Battle of Xu Province
Requirement: Capture the catapults before they start attacking the main camp, then defeat Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun before they can reach the main camp.

You will need a horse to catch the catapult unit before they can begin firing at the main camp, should they do so restart and try again. Continue the level normally until Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei begin their march, block their path from the mountainside leading North and defeat them.

Cao Pi

EX Weapon: Dual Blade
Weapon Name and Skills: Azure Storm - Inferno: 10, Whirlwind: 9, Spurt: 9, Fear: 8
Stage: Battle of Guandu
Requirement: Carry out the fire attack without a single officer of Cao Cao's forces being forced to escape.

Rush to Baima and defeat Yan Liang, wait for Wen Chou to be defeated at Yanjin. Afterward you will be asked to be a distraction so the next plan will be used. Continue to be the distraction until the fire attack unit eventually appears and burns Wuchao with Yue Jin acting as their protector.


EX Weapon: Flute
Weapon Name and Skills: Peach Flute - Frost: 10, Chain: 9, Protection: 9, Swiftness
Stage: Uprising at Xuchang
Requirement: Encounter Zuo Ci again within 8 minutes after he appears.

In Free mode this is a pretty strict time limit, it is recommended to do this one in Story mode after completing the Star objective for Campaign in Jianye for a little more leeway time wise. Do not defeat Zuo Ci when you meet with him the second time until after you get the weapon.

Cai Wenji

EX Weapon: Harp
Weapon Name and Skills: Heavenly Harp - Thunder: 10, Greed, Fear: 9, Aggression (Same Affinity = Attack up): 8
Stage: Campaign for Jianye
Requirement: Defeat Lu Xun and Lu Meng's assault unit before it can reach the main camp.

Proceed with the stage normally until the point where you enter Jianye Castle, when you reach Zhang Wen, Lu Xun will order the main gates to be closed. The Qiao's will appear blocking the gates, defeat Xiaoqiao who appears near you then double back to the main entrance to defeat Daqiao which will open the gates allowing you to catch up to Lu Xun and Lu Meng.

Jia Xu

EX Weapon: Chain & Sickle
Weapon Name and Skills: Heavenly Sickle - Flash: 10, Spurt: 9, Chain: 9, Fury
Stage: Battle of Xiapi
Requirement: Defeat Chen Gong without losing a single Wei officer.

Follow the normal mission route to open the flood gate making sure you kill the messenger to avoid unwanted trouble. When you release the flood gate immediately make your way to Chen Gong and defeat him.

Pang De

EX Weapon: Mace
Weapon Name and Skills: World Smasher - Frost: 10, Resolve, Velocity: 9, Flurry: 8
Stage: Pursuit at Nanjun
Requirement: Defeat Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and Zhao Yun within 8 minutes of starting the battle.

You will want to do a test run to get familiar with this version of the map, a strong officer killing weapon is recommended for an easier time attempting this within the time limit.

Wang Yi

EX Weapon: Trishula
Weapon Name and Skills: Azure Tip - Thunder: 10, Frenzy: 9, Resolve, Chain: 8
Stage: Battle of Tong Gate
Requirement: Enter the Coalition forces' own headquarters within 8 minutes of Ma Chao's surprise attack on the main camp.

Play the stage normally until Ma Chao becomes suspicious of Han Sui and Pang De volunteers to investigate, at this time a lot of Coalition force reinforcements will arrive near the base Cao Cao is at and you must defeat a large number of troops to cause Pang De to stop and after another large number he will then target you directly abandoning his previous task. The best spot to KO farm is the area Southeast of the base near Cao Cao, do not use Rage Musou as it messes with the troop respawn rate. You may want to interim save after you defeat Pang De.

Han Sui will then defect to Cao Cao's side including followers under him, take the passage Han Sui was near to get on top of the first gate to destroy the ballistae to allow the rams to go through more easily. When the ballistae are destroyed return to the main camp. After the ensuing cutscene the 8 minute timer will start so be quick in defeating Ma Chao. When the ram destroys the first gate find and defeat Liang Xing then go up the stairs of the first gate and wait for the Western garrison to open allowing you to defeat Cheng Yin. Afterward destroy the ballistae on the second gate then defeat Cheng Yi and make your way to the top left of the map where the catapults are. Yan Xing will arrive, defeat him to take control of the catapults and use them to destroy the third and final gate.

Guo Jia

EX Weapon: Orb & Scepter
Weapon Name and Skills: Heavenly Phoenix - Thunder: 10, Roar: 9, Barricade: 9, Thorns: 8
Stage: Battle of Xinye
Requirement: Defeat Xu Shu within 8 minutes of starting the battle.

Pretty lenient time limit, follow Jia Xu's directions while traversing through the Eight Gates Formation to avoid needless combat and possible retreat of Cao Ren. Note that Cao Ren does not need to survive in order to obtain the weapon.

Yue Jin

EX Weapon: Dual Hookblades
Weapon Name and Skills: Talons of Conquest - Inferno: 10, Aggression (Same Affinity = Attack up): 9, Agility, Fear: 8
Stage: Battle of Yan Province
Requirement: Reach the northern river bank within 5 minutes of starting the battle.

Very easy task defeat Liu Pi to get ??? to appear and defeat him to lower the bridge.

Li Dian

EX Weapon: Wheeled Halberd
Weapon Name and Skills: Heavenly Destruction - Slash: 10, Morass: 9, Survival: 9, Explosive: 8
Stage: Battle of Hulao Gate
Requirement: Break through Hulao Gate without a single allied officer being defeated.

A rather easy task, make sure to follow the forces going to the gate first before circling around to use the ballista to stop the catapults.

Yu Jin

EX Weapon: War Trident
Stage: Defense of Fan Castle
Weapon Name and Skills: Hades Judgement - Slash: 10, Swiftness, Uplift: 9, Thorns: 8
Requirement: Successfully carry out the Wei's flood attack within 9 minutes of starting the battle.

At the start of the battle lure a Wu officer and focus on taking out Shu officers in the meantime. When Shu sends messengers defeat all three of them then lure all Wu officers into Fan Castle, after all are inside the castle head to area where the Floodgate is, but wait for Guan Ping to jump down to reduce stress then take out Guan Suo to unleash the flood attack.