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Dynasty Warriors 4 Xtreme Legends Items

This guide was made by Buster WolfBuster Wolf.

These are how to get all items old from the vanilla version and new ones added in this game, difficulty does not matter. Those playing on Xtreme Legends only will only be able to obtain the normal items from crates refer to this section for more info.


Mounts have been given a separate slot this time instead of taking one of your main slots.

Red Hare Harness

Effect: Begin stage mounted on Red Hare (fastest horse)
Stage: Defense of Xu (Guan Yu)
Restrictions: No items
Requirement: Defeat Yu Jin before he retreats from battle.
Location: Bottom right island.
Yu Jin appears 3 minutes into the stage and will retreat after he has been up for 2 minutes which is after Guan Ping shows up.

Hex Mark Harness

Effect: Begin stage mounted on Hex Mark (Luck up)
Stage: Skirmish at Cheng Du (Liu Bei)
Restrictions: None
Requirement: Defeat 3 officers while avoiding the Liu Bei killing peasants cutscene.
Location: Left center of the map.
You will have to do their best to not kill more than 10 peasants. In a 2 Player game Player 1 can just stand around while Player 2 goes wild. The Liu Bei killing peasants cutscene happens if Player 1 kills 10 peasants and killing 50 means instant defeat, you will want to lure officers so that peasants aren't in the way of your attacks. Kills from Bodyguards do not count so you can use them to kill peasants for you.

Storm Harness

Effect: Begin stage mounted on Storm Runner (Mount Attack Lv.6)
Stage: The Ten Eunuchs (Dong Zhuo)
Restrictions: None
Requirement: Defeat Yuan Shao before Zhang Rang escapes with the Emperor.
Location: Top left corner outside of the Castle.
Yuan Shao will appear once all the Eunuchs are dealt with or retreat, you will want to defeat Yuan Shao before the Emperor's carriage starts to retreat after Yuan Shao appears, if Yuan Shao isn't defeated before Zhang Rang speaks you won't get the item. Wen Chou & Yan Liang are not required to be defeated for the item to appear.

Shadow Harness

Effect: Begin stage mounted on Shadow Runner (Can't be knocked off)
Stage: Escape from Chi Bi (Cao Cao)
Restrictions: No bodyguards
Requirement: Defeat Gan Ning, Lu Meng, Huang Gai & Ling Tong.
Location: Top half on the bottom right path.

Elephant Harness

Effect: Begin stage mounted on Elephant
Stage: Rescue of Meng Huo (Zhu Rong)
Restrictions: No items & No bodyguards
Requirement: Defeat all 6 Guard Patrols without being discovered in 2 minutes.
Location: North of where Zhao Yun starts.
While the stage itself is very short this is very hard to get with 1 player as you only have 2 choices, those being Huang Zhong & Xiahou Yuan due to their C1 bow attacks which go far enough that you can hit a patrol before they notice you. You will want to save after killing each one (except the one you start by at the beginning) as messing up is quite costly.


These augment your charge attacks to have elemental power and add an extra effect based on the element when you have full musou with weapons that are Lv 1-9. Lv 10 & 11 weapons will be able to use these without a full musou bar. These max at Lv 4 and increase in strength/duration/chance the higher the level.

Orb Effect
Fire Orb Slowly burn the enemy gradually draining their health.
Lightning Orb A bolt of lightning hits the enemy and surrounding troops. Can potentially steal kills including officers.
Vorpal Orb Potentially one shot normal peons, fixed damage to officers.
Ice Orb Freezes enemies in place for a brief period.
Blast Orb Deal small damage to guarding enemies.
Poison Orb Lowers enemies defense for a very brief period.

Certain characters when having their Lv 10 or 11 weapon will be able to have elemental musou attacks when paired with the item Way of Musou (or doing a True Musou), these mainly effect any attacks that aren't physical hits like projectiles and shockwaves.

Shu: Zhuge Liang, Pang Tong
Wei: Sima Yi, Zhen Ji
Wu: None
Others: Zhang Jiao, Meng Huo, Zhu Rong

Cao Ren, Lu Bu & Dong Zhuo can also get an elemental hit from their True Musou, however it is only on the final hit (the stomp).


Normal items are ones that boost your characters stats, these can only be found in wooden boxes in 4:Xtreme Legends. Like the original these will max at Lv 20.

  • Peacock Urn (+Life)
  • Dragon Amulet (+Musou)
  • Tiger Amulet (+Attack)
  • Tortoise Amulet (+Defense)
  • Speed Scroll (+Speed)
  • Wing Boots (+Jump)
  • Huang's Bow (+Bow Attack)
  • Nanman Armor (+Bow Defense)
  • Horned Helm (+Mount Attack)
  • Cavalry Armor (+Mount Defense)
  • Seven Star Sash (+Luck)
  • Elixir (+Musou Fill)
  • Herbal Remedy (+Charge Attack Power)

The following items will add up with Lv 11 weapons, but will hit the cap of 20.

  • Peacock Urn (+Life)
  • Dragon Amulet (+Musou)
  • Tiger Amulet (+Attack)
  • Tortoise Amulet (+Defense)
  • Speed Scroll (+Speed)
  • Elixir (+Musou Fill)

The following can exceed the Lv 20 limit

  • Wing Boots (+Jump)
  • Huang's Bow (+Bow Attack)
  • Nanman Armor (+Bow Defense)
  • Horned Helm (+Mount Attack)
  • Cavalry Armor (+Mount Defense)
  • Seven Star Sash (+Luck)
  • Herbal Remedy (+Charge Attack Power)

Bow Defense & Mount Defense if too high can potentially overflow which will cause you to be killed in 1 hit. While Luck is hard to notice while testing on a fresh 4:XL file a character with Seven Star Sash on their Lv. 11 weapon and Seven Star Sash as an item they had noticeably higher items levels compared to one with only the item.

Unique (Old)

These are the old items that were in the original, but given a way to get them in Xtreme Legends in case it was your only version of 4.

Art of War

Effect: Ability boost items have longer effect (Attack/Defense/Speed x2 will be 60 seconds, Musou Full for 20 seconds)
Stage: Dong Zhuo and the Alliance (Sun Jian)
Restrictions: None
Requirement: Defeat Lu Bu in 2 minutes after he appears.
Location: Top left corner of the center fort.

Survival Guide

Effect: Attack x2 when near death (standing up when health bar is red gives Attack x2 for 30 seconds)
Stage: Defense of Jian Ge (Jiang Wei)
Restrictions: None
Requirement: Get 150 KOs.
Location: Top right corner of Jian Ge.

Bodyguard Manual

Effect: Bodyguards become stronger (makes them more aggressive)
Stage: Encounter at Jiang Ling (Cao Ren)
Restrictions: No bodyguards
Requirement: Join with Niu Jin quickly.
Location: Along the Western wall above the Western Gate Captain.

Way of Musou

Effect: Can use True Musou Attack regardless of health (Musou will deal fire damage with an extended finisher)
Stage: Ambush at He Fei (Zhang Liao)
Restrictions: None
Requirement: Defeat all 4 Gate Captains and get 200 KOs.
Location: Along the Eastern wall around where Li Dian starts.

Power Scroll

Effect: Never lose weapon deadlocks (loss changes to draw)
Stage: Defense of Fan Castle (Xu Huang)
Restrictions: None
Requirement: Defeat all 4 Gate Captains.
Location: West of Cao Pi.

Wind Scroll

Effect: Attack range increase
Stage: Encounter at Yi Province (Zhen Ji)
Restrictions: No bodyguards
Requirement: Choose Cao Pi's army & get 200 KOs in under 5 minutes.
Location: West of Cao Pi.

Fire Arrows

Effect: Can shoot fire arrows (burn targets dealing slightly more damage)
Stage: Battle of Chang Sha (Huang Zhong)
Restrictions: No items
Requirement: Defeat Zhou Cang & Guan Ping.
Location: Top left corner near the furthest left enemy Gate Captain.

Charge Bracer

Effect: Withstand attacks while performing Charge (as long as it doesn't make your character jump)
Stage: Battle of Ru Xu Kou (Gan Ning)
Restrictions: No bodyguards
Requirement: Defeat Li Dian and Yue Jin in under 2 minutes.
Location: East of the middle left Gate Captain.

Unique (New)

These are the brand new items that were added to Xtreme Legends that offer more choices for you to make on your setups.

Power Rune

Effect: Attack increase, but defense decreases (damage doubles, defense halves)
Stage: Yue Ying, Woman Warrior (Zhuge Liang)
Restrictions: No bodyguards
Requirement: Defeat Yue Ying 6 times, each time quickly enough to get a "won by a wide margin!" message.
Location: Near Yue Ying's final appearance.

Code of Chivalry

Effect: No time limit for duels
Stage: Arena (Challenge Mode)
Requirement: Get 31+ consecutive victories.
Location: Given after finishing in first.
Your stats and weapon level are taken into account when doing Arena (thus a fresh character will have a hard time compared to one you've used a lot) so pick your best playable character for this as created characters can't be used.

Meat Bun Sack

Effect: Meat Buns appear more frequently (more healing item drops)
Stage: Village Encounter (Xu Zhu)
Restrictions: No bodyguards
Requirements: Defeat Yu Jin before defeating his Supply Captain, Defeat Dian Wei's 3 Supply Captains then Dian Wei himself, Defeat Li Dian before defeating his Supply Captain. Defeat Dian Wei for the 2nd time, it's acceptable to ignore his 3 Supply Captains this time. Encounter Dian Wei for the 3rd time. Defeat Yue Jin after he appears (4 minutes into the stage in the East), before defeating his Supply Captain. Defeat Man Chong after he appears (6 minutes into the stage or after Yue Jin is defeated in the Southwest), before defeating his Supply Captain.
All before enemy plundering causes heavy damage & before 5 enemy Supply Captains successfully deliver their supplies.
Location: Upper right corner from the South of the upper right fort.

Musou Armor

Effect: Wearer not stunned by bow attacks
Stage: Retreat from He Fei (Sun Quan)
Restrictions: No items
Requirement: Defeat Zhang Liao 3 times.
Supply Unit: From the middle left Gate Captain up to the upper right Gate Captain.

Master of Musou

Effect: Musou Attack deflects enemy blocks (Musou breaks guard, but drains faster)
Stage: Carnage at Hu Lao Gate (Lu Bu)
Restrictions: No bodyguards
Requirement: Get 1,300 KOs before Liu Bei, Guan Yu & Zhang Fei appear.
Supply Unit: From the bottom Gate Captain to the upper Gate Captain.

War Drum

Effect: Allied Morale goes up easier (allies can live longer)
Stage: Nanman Warfare (Meng Huo)
Restrictions: No bodyguards
Requirement: Defeat all Gate Captains while keeping yours alive.
Location: Center of the bottom portion of the fort.

Secret of Orbs

Effect: Orb items have greater effect (Orb Lv +1)
Stage: Battle of Niu Zhu (Zhou Tai)
Restrictions: None
Requirement: Rescue all 4 of Sun Quan's sub generals and defeat all 6 Gate Captains before entering the castle to join with Sun Quan.
Location: Below the lower left Gate Captain.

Helm of Might

Effect: Peons can't attack during "Announce Yourself."
Stage: Defense of Chang Ban (Zhang Fei)
Restrictions: No bodyguards
Requirement: Defeat Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan, Zhang He, Cao Ren, Xu Huang & Xu Zhu in front of the Chang Ban Bridge while getting 300 KOs without letting a unit pass or leaving the bridge.
Supply Unit: Lower left corner that makes its ways to the right Gate Captain.
Stay by the bridge the entire time basically. In a 2 Player game Player 1 has to stay by the bridge while Player 2 can venture out.


Effect: Enemies receive more damage when hit by horse
Stage: Battle of Jia Meng Gate (Ma Chao)
Restrictions: No items & No bodyguards
Requirement: Defeat Yang Huai & Gao Peo as well as defeat 3 Gate Captains within 5 minutes.
Location: Inbetween the inner fort walls of the center fort.

Item Farming

For this you will need Zhuge Liang, Pang Tong, Sima Yi, Zhen Ji, Zhang Jiao or Meng Huo to have their weapon at Lv 10 or 11 and have the following setup.
Orb: Vorpal
Items: Secret of Orbs, Way of Musou, Master of Musou, Seven Star Sash. The rest don't matter (don't put Power Rune since it doesn't help Musou damage and makes you take more damage if you get hit).
This setup allows the character chosen able to have Vorpal damage in their musou attack which deals a set amount of damage to officers which you want.

The difficulty must be set to Expert with the chosen stage being Nanman Warfare (Meng Huo). At the start of the stage gather musou from the normal troops then get on your horse and ride up to Sima Zhao and use a Musou on him, it should deal at least over half his health in damage get back on your horse and retreat for a bit to get your musou back, this time however make a save near the two paths on the bottom right as they each have an item box in the center, then head back to Sima Zhao's fort and break the two boxes that are at the diagonals near the lower portion this should be 4 items boxes collected and use a Musou on Sima Zhao which should kill him. If you get items you don't need upgraded reset and try again. This is the fastest stage with the most items possible for item boosting.