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Dynasty Warriors 4 Xtreme Legends Dim Sum/Musou Wine Locations

This guide was made by Buster WolfBuster Wolf.

Most stages have a Dim Sum which increases max Health by 10 and a Musou Wine which increases max Musou by 10 somewhere in the stage, they are found in pots.

Table of Contents


Stage Dim Sum Musou Wine
The Chang Ban Run (Zhao Yun) Lower left corner on the upper side of the right path. Near the bottom right of the castle.
Defense of Xu (Guan Yu) Near the bottom right of the castle. Bottom right corner under the small island.
Defense of Chang Ban (Zhang Fei) Top right corner. Top left corner.
Yue Ying, Woman Warrior (Zhuge Liang) Upper left path on the fork East of Ma Dai. Below the double gate on the map.
Skirmish at Cheng Du (Liu Bei) East of where Yang Huai starts on the bottom corner near the two pathways. Middle of the map on the side that leads to the left center of the map.
Battle of Jia Meng Gate (Ma Chao) Near the Southern exit of the lower left fort on the right side. Against the inner wall of the southern fort before the stairs.
Battle of Chang Sha (Huang Zhong) Near the lower left bridge in the bottom right corner. Top left corner of the upper left section.
Defense of Jian Ge (Jiang Wei) None West of where Cao Ren starts.
Encounter at Wu Zhang Plains (Wei Yan) After the bridge layer is set in the Northeast corner of the bottom left area. Outside of the castle along the Southwestern wall.
Illusions of Pang Tong (Pang Tong) Bottom left corner of the castle wall. Small notch between the Gate Captains South of the castle.
Ride of the Juggernauts (Yue Ying) North of where Huang Zhong is in the small indent near the gate. West of where Zhao Yun starts on the right side of the gate.


Stage Dim Sum Musou Wine
Skirmish at Xia Pi (Xiahou Dun) North of the East date under the fence. None
Defense of Wan Castle (Dian Wei) Bottom right corner. Bottom right corner.
Village Encounter (Xu Zhu) Bottom left of the top right fort. Inside a small fort near the left wall of the left fort.
Escape from Chi Bi (Cao Cao) Bottom right corner of the lower path in the top right area. Bottom right of where Guan Ping starts.
Reprisal at Mt. Ding Jun (Xiahou Yuan) Top side near the right Gate Captain. Center of the stage where a Gate Captain appear when Huang Zhong arrives.
Ambush at He Fei (Zhang Liao) Near the top right Gate Captain along the wall. Outside of He Fei in the top left wall.
Battle of Mt. Qi (Sima Yi) Top corner on the opposite side of the gate you start by. South wall where Gao Xiang ambushes you.
Defense of Fan Castle (Xu Huang) Along the wall below the ally Gate Captain. Outside of the fort on the upper corner.
Pursuit at Mt. Qi (Zhang He) West of where Wei Yan stops. West of Guan Xing.
Encounter at Yi Province (Zhen Ji) Near the top Gate Captain near Cao Pi. Top right corner of the outer castle.
Encounter at Jiang Ling (Cao Ren) East of the Western Gate Captain. On the middle right path in the lower area.


Stage Dim Sum Musou Wine
The Chi Bi Gambit (Zhou Yu) Left corner where Xu Sheng stalls Zhuge Liang. Top right corner where the broken houses are in the center.
Battle of Yu Fu Bay (Lu Xun) Below the top left corner. Bottom row second square from the right.
Campaign against Liu Yong (Taishi Ci) North castle wall in the bottom middle fort. South castle wall in the bottom middle fort.
Liu Bei's Escape (Sun Shang Xiang) Southeast corner from the lower right gate. Second cusp on the right side South from the lower left gate.
Dong Zhuo and the Alliance (Sun Jian) Top left section of the map near the lower Gate Captain. Along the indentation West of where you start.
Retreat from He Fei (Sun Quan) None None
Siege of Mai Castle (Lu Meng) Top right corner from the left fort. Bottom right corner inside Mai Castle.
Battle of Ru Xu Kou (Gan Ning) West of the middle right Gate Captain. North of the lower Gate Captain.
Skirmish at Chi Bi (Huang Gai) Top left corner of where Ling Tong & Lu Meng patrol. Along the wooden fence before the the first gate.
The Shadow of Sun Ce (Sun Ce) Second room on the top left side. Bottom left corner of the area you start in.
Battle of the Wu Territory (Da Qiao) Behind where Loyalist #3 spawns. Top left corner where the rockslide trap happens.
Escape from Tong Qiao Tai (Xiao Qiao) None None
Battle of Niu Zhu (Zhou Tai) Along the lower wall near the middle left Gate Captain. West of where Han Dang starts by the lake.


Stage Dim Sum Musou Wine
Assassinate Dong Zhuo! (Diao Chan) Bottom right corner of the room two blocks East of where Dong Zhuo starts. West room from where Dong Zhuo starts.
Carnage at Hu Lao Gate (Lu Bu) Lower left corner of the lower Gate Captain. Upper left corner of the upper Gate Captain.
The Ten Eunuchs (Dong Zhuo) By the tree in the top right corner south of the house. Outside of Luo Yang in the bottom left corner.
Battle of Jie Qiao (Yuan Shao) Directly South of the bridge in the center. Bottom right corner from the right ally Gate Captain.
Yellow Turbans' Last Stand (Zhang Jiao) Right side of the ally Gate Captain. Top right corner of the small mountain in the bottom right area.
Nanman Warfare (Meng Huo) South of Sima Zhao near the gate in the center left pot near the two pots by a box. Against the grassy wall North of where you start.
Rescue of Meng Huo (Zhu Rong) Bottom left corner outside of the fort from Zhao Yun. Top left corner of the map.