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Dynasty Warriors 4 Character Unlocking

This guide was made by Buster WolfBuster Wolf.

This will list how to unlock all 42 characters. These must be done in Musou Mode as you will not unlock anyone if you play the stage in Free Mode.

Table of Contents


Character Requirement
Zhao Yun Complete Shu-Act 2.
Guan Yu Initial unlock.
Zhang Fei Initial unlock.
Zhuge Liang Complete Shu-Act 2.
Liu Bei Initial unlock.
Ma Chao Campaign for Cheng Du - Defeat him.
Huang Zhong The Campaign for Jing - Defeat him.
Jiang Wei Battle of Tian Shui - Defeat Wang Lang, Xiahou Mao & Xiahou De then wait for Jiang Wei to be forced to leave the castle. Defeat his two sub officers and lure him to Zhuge Liang making him surrender.
Wei Yan The Campaign for Jing - Defeat him.
Pang Tong Complete Shu-Act 2.
Yue Ying Complete Shu-Act 4.


Character Requirement
Xiahou Dun Initial unlock.
Dian Wei Complete Wei-Act 1.
Xu Zhu Complete Wei-Act 2.
Cao Cao Initial unlock.
Xiahou Yuan Initial unlock.
Zhang Liao Clear Battle of Xia Pi or unlock Lu Bu's Musou Mode.
Sima Yi Complete Wei-Act 4.
Xu Huang Complete Wei-Act 1.
Zhang He Clear 11 stages, alternatively during Battle of Guan Du set Wu Chao on fire while Zhang He is still alive.
Zhen Ji Complete Wei-Act 3.
Cao Ren Complete Wei-Act 3.


Character Requirement
Zhou Yu Complete Wu-Act 2.
Lu Xun Complete Wu-Act 4.
Taishi Ci Campaign for Wu Territory - Defeat him, then wait for him to return as ally reinforcements before completing the stage.
Sun Shang Xiang Initial unlock.
Sun Jian Initial unlock.
Sun Quan Clear Wu-Act 3.
Lu Meng Clear Wu-Act 1.
Gan Ning Clear Wu-Act 4, alternatively during Battle of Xia Kou defeat Gan Ning before Su Fei.
Huang Gai Initial unlock.
Sun Ce Complete Wu-Act 2.
Da Qiao The Two Qiao's - Clear the stage.
Xiao Qiao The Two Qiao's - Clear the stage.
Zhou Tai Clear Wu-Act 3.


Character Requirement
Diao Chan Clear Lu Bu-Act 1.
Lu Bu Clear Wei, Wu or Shu's Musou Mode.
Dong Zhuo Clear Lu Bu's Musou Mode.
Yuan Shao Clear Wei's Musou Mode.
Zhang Jiao Clear Wei, Wu, Shu, Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu, Yuan Shao & Nanman Musou Modes once.
Meng Huo During Wu or Shu's Nanman Campaign defeat him in a duel then finish the Musou mode.
Zhu Rong During Wu or Shu's Nanman Campaign defeat her in a duel then finish the Musou mode.