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Dynasty Warriors 4 Items

This guide was made by Buster WolfBuster Wolf.

This guide will list all items in the game you can potentially equip to your characters. Note that some items can only be obtained during Musou Mode.


Mounts have been given a separate slot this time instead of taking one of your main slots.

Red Hare Harness

Effect: Begin stage mounted on Red Hare (fastest horse)
Territory - Stage: Xu Province - Battle of Xia Pi (Lu Bu Forces)
Requirement: Don't defeat any officers before Guan Yu meets Red Hare then defeat only him after the event.
Location: Around where Red Hare was.

Hex Mark Harness

Effect: Begin stage mounted on Hex Mark (Luck up)
Stage: Campaign against Liu Bei (Yellow Turban Musou Mode)
Prerequisite: Clear The Yellow Turban Fortress.
Requirement: Defeat Zhao Yun & Guan Yu before all reinforcements arrive, then deplete Liu Bei's health to half.
Location: Bottom right island.

You must not defeat anyone else after Liu Bei's army charges to get the item message to appear.

Storm Harness

Effect: Begin stage mounted on Storm Runner (Mount Attack Lv.6)
Territory - Stage: Guan Du - Campaign against Cao Cao (Lu Bu Forces)

  • Get caught by Yue Jin (left of Xiahou Yuan's fort) or Xu Huang's (circular area on the right) ambush.
  • Foil the one you didn't get caught in by circling around behind them.
  • Make Xiahou Dun appear then defeat him.

Location: By Cao Cao's starting point.

Shadow Harness

Effect: Begin stage mounted on Shadow Runner (Can't be knocked off)
Territory - Stage: Luo Yang - Battle of Tong Gate (Liu Bei's Forces)
Location: Right from the upper rock in the lower right section.

  • Defeat all officers in the lower right.
  • Enter the Ice Castle on a horse.
  • Wait for Han Sui & Cao Cao meeting event.
  • Defeat Xu Huang & Yu Jin.
  • Drop Cao Cao's morale below 1 star.
  • Han Sui stays on Ma Chao's side.
  • Even involving horses.

This is the most irritating item to get in the game, here's how I was able to get this. Defeat the officers in order of Xiahou Yuan, Cao Ren, Dian Wei & Cao Hong, steal a horse from whoever doesn't duel you unless you brought your own horse. Enter the Ice Castle while you are mounted and seal the enemy Gate Captain in the upper left section. Wait for Han Sui & Cao Cao to meet then defeat Yu Jin & Xu Huang, lower Cao Cao's morale to 1 star by defeating troops and his sub officers. Xiahou Dun appeared at the 10 minute mark whom I defeated and waited for Han Sui to stay on Ma Chao's side then the horse event happened. Cao Cao had no morale when the horse event happened.

Elephant Harness

Effect: Begin stage mounted on Elephant
Territory - Stage: Nan Zhong - The Nanman Campaign (Nanman Forces)
Requirement: Ride an Elephant into the enemy main camp.
Location: Nanman main camp in front of the the middle Southern wall.


These augment your charge attacks to have elemental power and add an extra effect based on the element when you have full musou with weapons that are Lv 1-9. Lv 10 weapons will be able to use these without a full musou bar. These max at Lv 4 and increase in strength/duration/chance the higher the level.

Orb Effect
Fire Orb Slowly burn the enemy gradually draining their health.
Lightning Orb A bolt of lightning hits the enemy and surrounding troops. Can potentially steal kills including officers.
Vorpal Orb Potentially one shot normal peons, fixed damage to officers.
Ice Orb Freezes enemies in place for a brief period.
Blast Orb Deal small damage to guarding enemies.
Poison Orb Lowers enemies defense for a very brief period.

Certain characters when having their Lv 10 weapon will be able to have elemental musou attacks when paired with the item Way of Musou (or doing a True Musou), these mainly effect any attacks that aren't physical hits like projectiles and shockwaves.

Shu: Zhuge Liang, Pang Tong
Wei: Sima Yi, Zhen Ji
Wu: None
Others: Zhang Jiao, Meng Huo, Zhu Rong

Cao Ren, Lu Bu & Dong Zhuo can also get an elemental hit from their True Musou, however it is only on the final hit (the stomp).


Normal items are ones that boost your characters stats, these will max at Lv 20.

  • Peacock Urn (+Life)
  • Dragon Amulet (+Musou)
  • Tiger Amulet (+Attack)
  • Tortoise Amulet (+Defense)
  • Speed Scroll (+Speed)
  • Wing Boots (+Jump)
  • Huang's Bow (+Bow Attack)
  • Nanman Armor (+Bow Defense)
  • Horned Helm (+Mount Attack)
  • Cavalry Armor (+Mount Defense)
  • Seven Star Sash (+Luck)
  • Elixir (+Musou Fill)
  • Herbal Remedy (+Charge Attack Power)


These are items with specific effects that only need to be obtained once. The items are listed in order of how they appear when selecting items to use for battle.

Art of War

Effect: Ability boost items have longer effect (Attack/Defense/Speed x2 will be 60 seconds, Musou Full for 20 seconds)
Territory - Stage: He Fei - Campaign against Sun Jian (Dong Zhuo's Forces)
Requirement: Defeat Sun Quan and enter the castle, afterward defeat 3 of either Lu Meng, Zhou Tai, Gan Ning & Sun Shang Xiang.
Supply Unit: Gate Captain behind Lu Meng that makes its way to the Gate Captain near the ally main camp that appears when Sun Jian moves from the castle.

Lu Meng & Zhou Tai being defeated before entering the castle will count.

Survival Guide

Effect: Attack x2 when near death (standing up when health bar is red gives Attack x2 for 30 seconds)
Territory - Stage: He Fei - The Two Qiaos (Sun Jian's Forces)
Requirement: Rescue both Qiao's personally.
Location: Southwest of the center bridge.

Bodyguard Manual

Effect: Bodyguards become stronger (makes them more aggressive)
Territory - Stage: Xu Chang - Guan Yu's Escape (Liu Bei's Forces)
Requirement: Xiahou Dun encounters Guan Yu after passing the 5th gate.
Location: South of the 5th gate before the stage ends.

This is better done as Guan Yu, you will want to wait for the carriage to catch up to you after defeating Bian Xi and clearing the 3rd gate to give ample time for to clear the ambush in the 4th gate before Xiahou Dun catches up.

Way of Musou

Effect: Can use True Musou Attack regardless of health (Musou will deal fire damage with an extended finisher)
Territory - Stage: Xu Chang - Guan Yu's Escape (Cao Cao's Forces)
Requirement: Pass the 5th gate.
Supply Unit: Top right corner of the area right of the double bridge from the 4th gate that makes its way East to the Southern notch between Gates 2 & 3.

Power Scroll

Effect: Never lose weapon deadlocks (loss changes to draw)
Stage: The Yellow Turban Fortress (Yellow Turbans Forces)
Requirement: Defeat Guan Yu & Zhao Yun
Supply Unit: In the small pass in the top left that makes its way to the right Gate Captain in the upper area.

Wind Scroll

Effect: Attack range increase
Territory - Stage: Xu Chang - Battle of Xu Chang (Shu Forces)
Requirement: When asked to choose to defend the Siege Ramp or the Supply Depot succeed in both.
Location: West of the left Gate Captain outside of Xu Chang's West side.

Fire Arrows

Effect: Can shoot fire arrows (burn targets dealing slightly more damage)
Territory - Stage: Yi Ling - Unification of Jing (Sun Jian's Forces)
Requirement: Defeat Zhou Xin before the enemy does a joint attack.
Supply Unit: Eastern exit of the top left castle that makes its way to the top right.

Charge Bracer

Effect: Withstand attacks while performing Charge (as long as it doesn't make your character jump)
Territory - Stage: He Fei - Campaign against Sun Jian (Yuan Shao's Forces)
Requirement: Enter the castle before backup troops arrive.
Supply Unit: Northwest corner outside the South entry that makes its way to the Gate Captain near the ally main camp that appears when Sun Jian moves from the castle.

Item Farming

For this you will need Zhuge Liang, Pang Tong, Sima Yi, Zhen Ji, Zhang Jiao or Meng Huo to have their weapon at Lv 10 and have the following setup.
Orb: Vorpal
Items: Way of Musou, Seven Star Sash, Elixir, Tortoise Amulet, the rest don't matter.
This setup allows the character chosen able to have Vorpal damage in their musou attack which deals a set amount of damage to officers which you want.

The difficulty must be set to Hard, my personal preference is Battle of Cheng Du (Wei Forces) due to not needing to worry about your commander or being completely overrun by enemies. While the stage takes a long time to finish there are 5 of item boxes laying around, none of the officers will drop them, but they are placed throughout the map, leave Liu Bei with as little health as possible before you save. If you don't get an upgrade to your items press Start+Select, reload the save and try again, this will require patience specially for Elixir & Herbal Remedy as they are pretty rare.

  • Bottom right corner of the ally main camp.
  • Upper corner outside of Luo Castle before entering the Bamboo Forest.
  • In the Bamboo Forest at the protrusion East of the large square in the top right.
  • Where the Secret Path starts.
  • Bottom right area in the top left corner, crate needs to be broken twice.