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Dynasty Warriors 3 Items

This guide was made by Buster WolfBuster Wolf.

This guide will list all items in the game you can potentially equip to your characters.


Normal items are ones that boost your characters stats, however due to them all not having the same maximum they will be listed here so you know how close you are to maximizing them.
Item (Effect) Maximum
Peacock Urn (+HP) 60
Dragon Amulet (+Musou) 60
Tiger Amulet (+Attack) 20
Tortoise Amulet (+Defense) 40
Huang's Bow (+Bow Attack) 40
Shell Armor (+Bow Defense) 40
Horned Helm (+Mounted Attack) 40
Cavalry Armor (+Mounted Defense) 40
Speed Scroll (+Speed) 16
Wing Boots (+Jump) 16
Seven Star Orb (+Luck) 20
Wind Scroll (+Reach) 20
Elixir (+Musou Charge) 20


These are items with specific effects that only need to be obtained once, their border is Red compared to the Blue of the above items. The items are listed in order of how they appear when selecting items to use for battle. For those playing 3: Xtreme Legends with mixjoy you won't get these items if you play on Novice difficulty.

Red Hare Saddle

Effect: Begin stage mounted on Red Hare (fastest horse)
Stage: The Battle at Hu Lao Gate (Allied Forces)
Requirement: Defeat Lu Bu.
Supply Unit: Northwest of Fan Shui Gate that makes its way to the Gate Captain at the North, will wait awhile when it reaches before leaving.

Hex Mark Saddle

Effect: Begin stage mounted on Hex Mark (second fastest horse)
Stage: Assault on Cheng Du (Liu Bei's Forces)
Requirement: Defeat all officers except Liu Zhang.
Precious Item: Southwest corner of the map.

Imperial Saddle

Effect: Can mount all horses (will no longer be bucked off a horse at low ranks)
Stage: The Battle at Yi Ling (Shu Forces)
Requirement: Prevent Zhu Ran's fire attack and defeat all generals except Sun Quan/Jian. It is recommended to defeat Lu Xun last as he is closest to the Supply Units appearance.
Supply Unit: Gate Captain North of Sun Quan/Jian's location that makes its way to the Gate Captain on the East side, will wait awhile before leaving.

The Art of War

Effect: Imperial Seal, War God's Axe & Armor have longer effect (Attack/Defense x2 will be 60 seconds, Musou Full for 20 seconds)
Stage: The Siege of He Fei Castle (Wei Forces)
Requirement: Defeat all officers except Sun Quan/Jian, then wait awhile for the item pop up.
Precious Item: North of Sun Quan/Jian's starting location on the horizontal boat.

Bodyguard Manual

Effect: Bodyguards become stronger (makes them more aggressive)
Stage: The Siege of He Fei Castle (Wu Forces)
Requirement: Defeat Xu Zhu.
Precious Item: From where Xu Zhu is continue North then go West and take the Northern path to find the crate.

The Way of Musou

Effect: Can use True Musou Attack regardless of health (Musou will deal fire damage with an extended finisher)
Stage: Guan Yu's Escape (Guan Yu's Forces)
Requirement: Defeat Xiahou Dun to get the item.

Survival Guide

Effect: Attack x2 when near death (standing up when health bar is red gives Attack x2 for 30 seconds)
Stage: The Battle of Wu Zhang Plains (Shu Forces)
Requirement: Wait for 2 of the Tiger generals (Guan Yu, Huang Zhong, Ma Chao, Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun) to die to trigger the falling star event.
Precious Item: North of the entrance to Shu's main camp.


Effect: Defense x2 when near death (standing up when health bar is red gives Defense x2 for 30 seconds)
Stage: The Battle at Wu Zhang Plains (Wei Forces)
Requirement: Wait for 2 playable officers (Xu Huang, Xu Zhu, Zhang He and Zhen Ji) to die to trigger the falling star event.
Precious Item: Northeast corner of the map.

Fire Arrows

Effect: Can shoot fire arrows (burn targets dealing slightly more damage)
Stage: The Battle at Chi Bi (Cao Cao's Forces)
Requirement: Defeat Zhou Yu before the fire attack.
Precious Item: Center most boat, Huang Gai goes here for the Fire attack.


Effect: Prevents stumbling after guarding (will never be Guard Broken)
Stage: The Battle at He Fei (Wu Forces)
Requirement: Wait for Taishi Ci's death event which will cause Sun Quan/Jian to fall back to the broken bridge, meet them there and they will jump over. Zhang Liao will eventually leave the battlefield and return by Quan/Jian's spot, defeat Zhang Liao to get the item.

Power Scroll

Effect: Never lose weapon deadlocks (loss changes to draw)
Stage: The Battle of He Fei (Wei Forces)
Requirement: Trigger Gan Ning's surprise attack event and defeat him to get the item.

Gold Harness

Effect: Prevents dismounting when hit by arrows (stay on mount when hit by arrows, damage not reduced)
Stage: The Battle at Tong Gate (Cao Cao's Forces)
Requirement: Defeat Pang De & Ma Dai so that Cao Cao can meet with Han Sui, when Han Sui defects defeat the rest of Ma Chao's officers and follow him into Tong Gate when he decides to retreat. It is recommended to play on Normal or higher so Han Sui doesn't get defeated by your forces too quickly.
Supply Unit: Gate Captains of the Southwest that makes its way to the Northwest corner of the map and leaves.

Item Farming

The best stage to play to get the most items is The Battle at You Ting - Wu Forces on Hard. This version gives you 6 item bags to collect compared to Wei's version giving only 4 in different spots. For Wu's version the 6 items bags are.

  1. Crate at the Southwest corner of the left center path.
  2. Hu Zhi (East path by Da Qiao)
  3. Crate South of the center fort
  4. Man Chong (Southeast of the center fort)
  5. Cao Xiu
  6. Crate near Gate Captain behind Sima Yi

If you are wanting to max out all items you will want a general you are good with provided they have Luck on their 4th weapon (Gan Ning is a good candidate for quick clearing) with Seven Star Orb as one of their items. Quit and save before you start picking up items as bags picked up before saving will already have the contents determined when you beat the stage. If you don't get an upgrade to your items press Start+Select, reload the save and try again, this will require patience specially for Wind Scroll & Elixir as they are pretty rare.