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Dynasty Warriors 3 Dim Sum/Musou Wine Locations

This guide was made by Buster WolfBuster Wolf.

All stages have a Dim Sum which increases max Health by 10 and a Musou Wine which increases max Musou by 10 somewhere in the stage, the only exception is Yellow Turban Rebellion which has 2 of each in the stage. They are found in pots.
Stage Dim Sum Musou Wine
The Yellow Turban Rebellion 1. Right of the river leaving the North of the Castle. 2. Middle ledge on the East castle wall. 1. South of the Middle left Gate Captain. 2. Middle ledge on the West castle wall.
The Battle at Hu Lao Gate Northern wall of Hu Lao Gate. Southern wall of Fan Shui Gate.
Surprise Attack on Liu Biao West of the Gate Captain South of the Castle. Encampment in front of the Western boat.
The Battle at Wan Castle Southern side of the house by the South center Gate Captain. Northwest of the Southeast Gate Captain.
Assault on the Wu Territory West corner by the top center Gate Captain. Northern exit from the Southwest Encampment.
The Battle at Guan Du Protrusion South of the top middle encampment. Protrusion Northeast from Cao Cao's main camp.
Guan Yu's Escape Between the houses by the first gate. After the second gate near the right wall of the gate.
The Battle of Chang Ban Southwestern corner of the large Western area. Along the shore near the Gate Captains.
The Battle at Chi Bi Boat near second top left Gate Captain. Boat near the Southeastern Gate Captain on land.
Assault on Cheng Du Dead end on the second path from the top in the forest. Dead end in the Southern path from Liu Bei's Gate Captain.
The Battle at Tong Gate Northwest Corner. Southwest corner by the Northeast Gate Captain.
The Battle at He Fei Northwest corner near left Gate Captain. Northeast corner.
The Battle at Fan Castle Southern section from Sima Yi's position. Northwest corner.
The Battle of Mt. Ding Jun Southeastern corner of Wei's main camp. Top of the hill to the central Eastern area of the map.
The Battle at Yi Ling Center Eastern section of the Stone Warrior Formation. Lower Western section of the Stone Warrior Formation.
The Nanman Campaign Around Meng Huo's 2nd & 5th locations (needs an Elephant from North side). River West of the Shu/Wu main camp.
The Battle of Jie Ting Northwest corner of the Western path. Along the East wall in the center path.
The Battle at You Ting Northeast corner of the small bend on the center path. Northeast corner of the center fort.
The Siege of He Fei Castle Before the Wind Trap on the Western side. Northeastern corner, room filled with Crossbowmen.
The Battle at Wu Zhang Plains Near the Southern Gate Captain of Wei's main camp. West of Shu's main camp.
The Mountain Bandit Campaign Southeast of the enemy Gate Captain. House near Peasant #1.
Raid on the Rogue Fortress Top left corner of the top right area (reachable only from the fort wall). East of the very center of the fort.
Pirate Attack on the High Seas Southwest corner of the Southwestern most ship. Center West side of the Eastern most vertical ship.