Full Name: Spica Raghia Andromeda
Title: Irreducible Purity
Birthday/Age: September 19 / Appears to be 19
Height/Weight: 5' 3" / 128 lbs.
Race: Vate (Priestess)
Gender: Female
Blood type: AB
Likes: Cheesecake / Sex
Dislikes: Tentacles
Type: Power
Dodge: Twirl
Orientation: Bi
Laterality: Right
Weapon: Weapon Core
Weapon Name: Varies based on form (currently known are An Claidheamh Soluis (Zweihander form) and An Luisne (Spear form))
Self Ability: Element Will - Increase Elemental attack power and property (can be toggled off)
Skill: Tir na nÓg - Fuses her magic powers into ether energy and release it as an explosion toward her enemies. Defense increases for 15 seconds after use.

Character Relations

Lord - Arwen Rize
Companion - Sleipial Grandi Aeterna
Friend - Su Xiao-Lin


Spica is a happy-go-round girl with no signs of worry even in the deepest of trouble. Being a very cheerful lady, she rarely gets angry. Even if she does, a cheesecake can calm her heart almost instantly. She is also very feminine and always wears a skirt with any of her outfits. With a diamond as her Vate core, Spica has a strong will and great devotion. A Sacred Lotus was also used for her creation, making her very proficient in battle. However, due to the nature of Sacred Lotus she's not good at thinking puzzles.

As a Hebronian, she has a lewd trait which most of the Hebronian have. Despite this she only express this to the person she loves and cares, such as Sauron and Sleipial. Spica is mute and often makes squeals and other assorted noises to express herself, any fairies near her know exactly what she's meant to say and act as her voice.