Artair Ó Seachnasaigh

Artair Liam Adair Ó Seachnasaigh is a human wanderer, husband of Evangeline. Artair is 30 years old during the event of The Story Begins, 182 cm tall and weighs 70 kg.

Evangeline and him are pursuing the "Influential Goddess", which causes destruction on several countries, including their hometown. Eventually they arrive in Gi'on, where they met Seimei. Seimei is interested in their story and offers his help. In battle, Artair wields a reaver, a shield with a portable sword, baton, gun, and flare. His favorite is the baton, which is extendable and has red cloth hung to it.

Artair has turqoise eyes and a short combed maize hair. He is protective of Evangeline, but does not get possessive over her. He is also a liquor enthusiast and keep a journal of liquor he have tasted. Since he is terrible at drawing, it is Evangeline that do the label drawing.

His journey represents his inexperienced drive. He is adaptable, flexible, versatile, and ambitious. He is confident that he can do it all. He just need the opportunity.

Soulcalibur III

I like how SC3 has a lot of beard options and I can make a late 20s with beard, as Artair is supposed to be.

Soulcalibur IV

This is based on his BD version. His scruffy look looks better in SC4.

Soulcalibur BD

This is the new concept outfit, after his look in Samurai Warriors 4.

Soulcalibur V

Costume 1
Artair's main character costume, which is taken from an unused character, Hamstreizer. In fiction, he uses a multitude of weapons placed neatly in a shield named Reaver. It's similar to what he used in his SW4 version.
Costume 2
Artair's base idea was drawn from Louis Cypher: tidy, clean look, a bit American Psycho-ish. He was a side character, but become the main character. His color scheme is #123, Vampire Legends.

Warriors Series

Dynasty Warriors 7
This updated costume (from Nobunyaga armor set) reflects his status as one of the main characters.
Dynasty Warriors 8
An alternate, dandy version of his practical suit of light in 7E.
Samurai Warriors 4
This is a further developed version of Artair. The Shield Arm is so good, I decided to make it his fiction weapon.