Aello is the harpy from Coron Gogleddol. She is the accidental familiar of Renn. She is 15 years old during the event of Prelude of the Midnight Sun, 140 cm tall and weighs 27 kg.

Renn told Aello to wait for his return from Aistear Creidimh, because he hears for her safety. And thus Aello waited for a day when suddenly the Aistear Creidimh disappeared, but Renn didn't come back. Instead, Sleipial came back, exhausted and wounded. Aello nursed Sleipial back to health, and they both decised to find back their friends, they later met Leonide, a vampire that they mistakenly thought was dead.

Aello has spring green eyes and a long vanilla hair. She was previously spoiled and lazy, but when she became Renn's familiar, she learned how to serve as well as enjoying even little things. While still like to be spoiled, she learned the value of empathy and know that other people would probably also like being spoiled. Once in a week, Aello lays about 1 or 2 eggs. These eggs are unfertilized and Renn (later Sleipial) always helped her in laying the eggs. Aello does not mind that the egg is cooked after. In battle, Aello wields forged claws attached to her legs and employs hit-and-run tactics.

She cannot cook and does not mind raw food. She usually hunts for raw ingredient for the party to cook. When idling in a town, she is usually perched in a park tree. She cannot earn money on her own, thus Sleipial usually takes Aello to do errands in hunter's guild.

Her journey represents her personal destiny. No matter how much responsibility she takes for her actions, somethings are completely out of her control.

Aello's name was taken from the Greek mythology of three harpy sister.

Aello's main design point is her collar, a sign of her familiar pact with Renn. Starting from Soulcalibur V, her concept has finalized. She has a wind-spread hairstyle, refer to her ジンコウガクエン2 hairstyle in the Alternate Media section. I did the best I can to represent her, since there is no way to properly make harpies. She also uses talons strapped to her feet (like Chocobo in Mysterious Dungeon 2).

Soulcalibur III

This was Spica's Ivory Gladiator costume, but recolored a bit to make Aello. She is one of the characters that was made after appearing first in Soul Calibur IV. The Steel Gauntlet's 2nd color can be colored using All and must be entered first.

Soulcalibur IV

I did not use the wings because I could not make her without a collar. She can either use Talim or Tira, since both represent agility.

Soulcalibur BD

I feel that this is more like a butchered version of her Soulcalibur IV rendition, still I made it up with a decent color. The Costume 2 is made by Tanleeseng, and is way better than my attempt to just convert her costume. Great work, Tan!

Soulcalibur V

The yellow sundress is a homage to Selphie Tilmitt from Final Fantasy VIII; this is the silhouette I think best for her at the moment, since Renn is supposed to take a good care of her.

The Costume 2 is her first Soulcalibur V costume as an update from her Soulcalibur IV costume. A good thing is that I can put her wings since chains are counted as accessories.

The Costume 3 is a concept for her transcendence form called the Queen Aello. The tattoo is the Seal of Flight, which is required for a harpy to wield the Queen garb.

The Costume 4 is a homage to Shin Megami Tensei's Moh Shuvuu. The highlight of this outfit is the dead-bird hat. I tried to make a fitting beak using various accessory before setting on the simple heart, making the bird look like something from Angry Birds.

Soulcalibur VI

The Savanna Dress caught my eye the first time and reserved it for her and most likely only her at the moment. Compared to her Soulcalibur V version, she has bigger physique.

Warriors Series

She is based on her Soulcalibur IV look, complete with headgear. In Dynasty Warriors 7, Boomerang was chosen for the overall agile look. In Dynasty Warriors 8, the Sabatons is closer to what she uses. The Samurai Warriors 4 rendition does not sit well for me, except her accurate moveset. Stay tuned for update!