Ten'i ~ Dian Wei
Real name: Ruru

A girl encountered by Aishas group in Shin Koihime Musou working as a cook at a tavern in the Gi faction. Karin learns about her when Rinrin blurts out that she likes Rurus food better. In response Karin holds a cooking competition to test Rurus skills against her own. Karin is not so impressed at first, until Aishas group notices that Ruru prepared the dishes based on the foods they liked at the tavern. Realizing this, Karin concedes defeat, since the most important part of being a host is to pay attention to what the guests like. At this point a raging bull gets loose and crashes the scene, Ruru then surprises everyone with her immense strength as she grabs the bull by the horns and hurls it out of the palace, earning her a place in Karins army.

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