Blanche d'Auvergne


Blanche d'Auvergne is a vampire Moonshade Magician from Nocte Fidelis, Avernus. She is the daughter of Charmaine and Nero.

After being separated from her twin, Leonide, Blanche met Pierce, who agreed to help her finding her mother and brother. On their journey, they met Rebellia, who was heading toward Cadarnle. Blanche found herself intertwined between Pierce's quest to find himself and Rebellia's quest to find a prince.

She has lavender eyes and misty rose wavy hair twin-tailed to princess curls. She is mildly chauvinist, believing that her kind, the Kindred of the Glass, is superior to the Kindred of the Night and Kindred of the Light. She has a high sense of nobility wherever she goes, thus refuses to do anything indecent and often calling human with non-noble background as "Peasant". Blanche's immortalization portrait was drawn by Leonide. In battle, she wields a rune blade and utilize her magic power for long range combat.

She can cook classy dishes like her mother, but she does not like to prepare the ingredients, in which she usually command others to prepare the food for her, especially Leonide. When idling in a town, she usually walks around in park with Aello. Blanche contributes money to the party periodically using her mother's bank account.

Her journey represents her self-image that she projects onto the world. What she sees outside is within her. The way that she presents herself to the world will be the way in which she is received. What she gives, she gets. She recognizes herself and becomes strong.

Blanche's name was the result from her character evolution. She was previously a male character named Blanc, and after realizing that the role was better fit to a female character, Blanc was changed to a female character and renamed Blanche, accidentally putting a French naming among the family. She is 13 years old during the event of Prelude of the Midnight Sun, 142 cm tall and weighs 44 kg.

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