Yuemia is the Sovereign Aeon of Dream Port. She is the central goddess of Lost Illusion.

As the eldest god, her reference already existed in the distant past, when people gave her the name Sacred Mother of Creation (創造 聖母 Souzou Seibou). Since vates are modeled after her, she can be considered the mother of the three original Vates: Maayaa, Vierge, and Alice.

Her position was usurped by Dreamweaver, causing imbalance in Rephaites. In battle, she uses her wings to attack and can project her weapon, a glaive named Shihouken (四宝剣 Four Treasures Sword).

Her journey represents her life assessment and philosophy. She stands outside herself and objectively observes her life in order to decide whatever it is what she want to be.

Yuemia's name was taken from Hindi term "Yoni", an aspect of Parvati, and translated to ancient Dream Port language.

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