Renn Dantalion


Renn "Sauron" Fames Dantalion is a fallen Fel Hunter from Nocte Regem, Avernus. He is the son of Rhadamanthys and Phoenica, and the brother of Rui. He is also known as Ren Mikagami (水鏡 漣 Mikagami Ren).

Settling the family feud after the death of his father, left Renn only with his sister. Knowing his sister would be safe behind the church walls, Renn left the estate ho her and seek the Aistear Creidimh. At first, he met a Templar named Perseonn on a pub. The Templar was intrigued by his train of thought and joined Renn's cause. Later on, they rescued a beached pirate named Kirsche who lost her ship.

He has venetian red eyes and wavy rosewood hair which is tied near his nape. He is practical and often prefers mediation rather than physical confrontation. His ability is best described as a technical assassin character. However, contrary to most assassins, he does not have a dark or emo past to brood on. He puts friendship above all of his priorities, making him very hard to abandon his friend. In battle, Renn wields a sword gun and utilizes counterattacks to keep himself safe while inflicting damage.

He can make various dishes with good taste, but he keeps refusing to reveal the ingredients. When idling in a town, Renn can be found anywhere, but at end of day he always bring money. If the party asked where he got them, he will just answer, "Please". He will also give the same answer after coming back to party after earning a lot of money overnight.

His journey represents his lower material self. What he desires at the moment seems highly attractive, but there are strings attached and consequences to be faced.

Renn's nick name was taken from a character in Primal Rage and his last name is taken from the 71st demon mentioned in Ars Goetia. He is 22 years old during the event of Requiem of the Twilight Star, 176 cm tall and weighs 70 kg.

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