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Zeus Balthasaar


Zeus Balthasaar is a dragonian from Mithridates, Knossos. He is the husband of Danae and the father of Perseonn.

Known as the Distinguished Hero, he played the major role in ending the Dragon-Devil war, along with his strategist, Kharon. After the war, he was given a female devil named Danae as a war trophy. Although he considered the gift of a lady to be unethical, he accepted Kharon's advise to take the prize as a gesture of goodwill. He treated Danae well and eventually fell in love with her. Due to Zeus' status as the successor of the throne, Kharon suggested Zeus to postpone marriage and made Danae a concubine instead. During his reign, Zeus and Danae eventually had a dragonkin son, which they named Perseonn. After his reign was over, Zeus married Danae.

Zeus is known to have limitless potential without any possession of legendary weapons. However, due to him abusing the Power of the Dragon Father during war, he lost much of his Dragon Spirit strength and cannot utilize the Soul of Lambdagianpharos inside him.

Zeus was named after the Greek god. He is 179 cm tall and weighs 81 kg.

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