Created by Jakubus


Age: 38
Birthplace: Manji Clan Village, Suruga, Japan
Alignment: Good

Wife: Kamiko
Children: one unnamed son and unnamed daughter

Yoshimitsu's personal protégé, very skilled in Manji Ninjutsu. One day Yoshimitsu was selected to be a messenger to Oda clan, it was then when the tragedy happened. During the clans massacre, it was up to Yuudai to guide and protect the few survivors, until his master return. Several years have passed and Yoshimitsu finally comes back. After the Manjitou was formed, Yuudai was placed as second-in-command. One day, Yoshimitsu devised a plan for a grand robbery: the entire group would infiltrate a wealthy usurer's mansion during the annual festival and take everything he owned, which included a fragment of Soul Edge. Unfortunately, the plan failed. The vanguard led by Yuudai was attacked by a girl with a circular blade. Most of them were captured, while Yuudai went missing. Yoshimitsu set out on another journey to locate Yuudai, while Yoshimitsu's nephew Hinomitsu was promoted to temporary second-in-command.

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