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Yu Di
Created by Kristof


Yu Di the Jade Emperor has ruled his realm and his people for centuries when he had gained immortality from the Elixir of Life. But his rule with an Empress by his side was fleeting, as none of his wives gained immortality themselves from the Elixir. He began his search for a woman of an unusual decent, whose parents were possibly powerful beings. A loyal servant informed him of the daughter of the former Dark Emperor Dakkon. Her name was Shakari, and she was married to the current Dark Emperor Kristof. Yu Di decided to take her for his bride. One day the Empress was traveling back to the Black Citadel from her villa with her handmaiden Sitheena and a group of Black Guard warriors. Yu Di attacked and dispatched the guards with little effort. He pulled Shakari from her carriage. Though not a warrior, Sitheena leaped out of the carriage to defend her Empress, but they had disappeared. When the carriage had not arrived at the Citadel when it should have an enraged Emperor set off on horseback with Vogar and a squad of his best Black Guard warriors to find out what had happened.

Dark Saga

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